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Meet Ellicott Street- The Man Behind the Name
Good Day Fellow Fathomers!
Today in The Locker, I welcome the number one fictional male protagonist in my life (at the current moment), Mr. Ellicott Street. He joins us to answer a few questions about his role in my upcoming book, On Ellicott Street.
Me- Welcome, Ellicott!
E- Please, call me Eli, we don’t have to be so formal in this setting. (He says this with a wink and a smile.)
Me-  Ok, Eli then, thank you for joining our readers today to answer a few questions. I must ask, as I’m sure many other people do, where did you get your interesting, and how you term it “stately” name?
E-  Oh, I do get that question occasionally. However, because I choose to use, “Eli”, most of the time the shorter version does not create the same interest. However, the real answer to your question is quite involved. My parents, who are both college professors, study American History extensively, as a hobby, really, more than anything. They also adore historic towns and markers. One of their favorite destinations is Niagara Falls, as it holds a soft romantic position in their hearts- They honeymooned there and visit each year to reminisce.

Before I was born, my parents searched books and literature for the perfect name for me. They wanted a classy, meaningful choice, which would pair well with our surname, “Street”. During their trip to Niagara Falls the year of my birth, they spent time discovering Buffalo, NY. They learned about Joseph Ellicott, a surveyor from the 1800’s, who designed the city’s unique radial street plans, and has a historical city street named after him, as well as a major office building, the Ellicott Square Building. This office building, constructed in 1896 was the largest office building in the world for about sixteen years. In addition to other notable occupants of the building, the Vitascope Theater , the earliest known dedicated motion picture theater in the world also occupied the Ellicott Square Building.

Also, the ornate Erie Community College building resides at 121 Ellicott Street in the historic former U.S. Post Office. Meaningful to my parents, as they are both college professors.

Me- (feigning wiping my brow)Wow, I would say a very involved answer- and quite descriptive.

E- (laughing) Yes, my parents would not have it any other way. Thank goodness I am not always asked to elaborate.

Me- Do you have siblings and if so, dare I ask their names?

E- Yes, I have a sister, Rose.

Me- Rose is a beautiful name. (cocking my eyebrow)Does it also have a significant meaning?

E- (Blushing), My father enjoys a good stout beer, he found the best he ever tasted in a pub off the famous Rose, Street in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Just because we are a rather intellectual family, does not mean we cannot also enjoy a good time or fail to appreciate a keen sense of humor.

Me- I rather thought you enjoyed a rousing good time, seeing how you happened into Cassie at a piano bar.  Speaking of Cassie, it’s time for me to ask you about her. You are the subjects in my romance novel after all. What is it about her that makes your relationship special?
E- She is brave and determined, yet classy and elegant. She is so beautiful from the inside, she could be nothing but gorgeous outwardly. I can say any topic and she would brave the knowledge to discuss it. She is not afraid to state an opinion, yet maintain her integrity and respect for those around her. She maintains a “live and let live “philosophy, wanting her family and friends to feel love and acceptance from her, regardless of character differences. She explores the unknown and constantly promotes personal growth, for herself and her children, and expects the same from me, as well.
Me- Even if she is several years older?
E- Ah, I knew you would broach that subject eventually. When I first saw Cassie, I saw beauty, intelligence, charisma, and, yes, need-with a hint of vulnerability. We are all vulnerable sometimes. 

 I will not say something as trite as “age is only a number” because, obviously, age sometimes impedes two people from realistically maintaining a viable relationship. Cassie refuses to yield to a chronological number, her willingness to continue evolving makes her lovable- admirable even. Her grace, coupled with her thoughtfulness, all manifested from her life experiences makes her one of a kind and more valuable in my life than I could ever put into words.
Me- Very nice, Eli, thank you for such an eloquent description.  (rubbing my hands together in anticipation) Are you ready for the world to meet you?
E- The word, intimidated, comes to mind. However, it matters not if the world embraces me, because I know that Cassie does. (Huge, genuine smile)
Me-Thank you for allowing us a few moments and sharing a bit of yourself with us.
E- My pleasure.
Ahoy readers, thank you for spending some time today in The Locker. Be sure to read Eli and Cassie’s story, On Ellicott Street, next month, available from Secret Cravings Publishing.
 Until next time, find at least one reason to smile today.
Don’t render anyone, Finless…


Heaven Liegh said…
Oh my what a great character. I love his name. I lived on Ellicott Street in oregon :P

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