I Love My Grandma Helen

Today in The Locker, I honor my Grandma Helen, who introduced me to so many, many things. Without her influences, I would have missed out on several wonderful experiences.

We bought her a Kindle for her birthday, and she was very excited! (See the necklace around her neck, I know it's not terribly clear, but, that is from her aunt, pretty cool huh?)

The short list for which I owe a thanks to this awesome lady:

1. She encouraged my love of reading by setting the example. She always had shelves and shelves of books and spent hours reading cookbooks to Harlequin to Louis L'amour. I used to try to hide her book of the moment so she would take me fishing or swimming in the pond, and I never got in trouble for it.
2. She taught me how to cook, nothing like homestyle comfort food. Her dumplings, to die for.
3. Making us sausage gravy on a regular basis. It should have it's own food group, it is Amazing.
4. She taught me how to can and bought me my first pressure cooker.
5. She taught me how to garden and tend both vegetables and flowers.
6. She taught me about music- thanks to her, I know all about the Andrews Sisters, Big Band sounds, easy listening classical, Ray Stevens, jazz, and countless other genres.
7. She and I can always bust into a rendition of "Put Another Log on the Fire", for just about any occasion.
8. She and Gpa Donnie took me to San Diego, and I even missed about a week of school, and we visited the beach, the Hotel del Coronado, and Sea World.
9. She took me to Fort Knox and I had my first Big Mac from McDonalds with she and my Gpa Donnie. Yes, even in 4th grade I ate it all.
10. She bought me a Speak and Spell. I used to hide and type out dirty words on it, frantically covering the speaker to muffle the computer voice. "S.H.I.T." She probably heard me anyway...
11. She bought me my first Kitchenaid stand mixer, BOO YA!
12. During high school, I was broke, like most kids. At random times, I would find money stashed in my purse and knew who put it there.
13. She bought me my high school class ring. From all the students who purchased, one received a 100.00 bill back from the representative. They drew my name and I got the Bill. I took it back to Gma as a refund from my ring and she told me to keep it.
14. She makes us all laugh all the time. Like when she tried to entice the dog out from underneath the bed by spraying Lysol under there. She said, "well, it came out of there walking all squirrely!"
15. Accepting me as I am, even if I do write some graphic stuff. She simply told me this weekend, "I don't need to read it, I know how to do it."
16. Raising her kids, grand kids, and great grand kids with love, acceptance, joy, and tolerance.
17. She visited me in Colorado spring break 2003. It began snowing shortly before she arrived and snowed five days straight. We had the best time and I bought us T-shirts advertising the Great Blizzard of 2003 to prove we lived through it.
18. She taught me how to sew and I have yards and yards of fabric from her collection of beautiful pieces. I make quilts too, just not as often as she does. She even made stuffed Rainbow Brite dolls for my sisters when they were little. (All those friggin little pieces on the costume-- by hand.)
19. She bought my stuffed psychedelic turtle I named Wapanucka, after a town in Oklahoma I thought was just the neatest word. He lives in my closet even to this day.
20. I have a pair of kissing angels on my bathroom counter from about age 5 she bought me at the beauty supply. They remind me of the importance of love.

I could write for days on this list and not say enough about this all important woman in my life. She taught us always to do great things for ourselves and encouraged us to be successful, never doubting our abilities. I could never thank her enough for it all.

And she even suggested my cool name to my momma and dad, without it, I would not be Davee Jones or have my own Locker.

Thank you Gma, I love you so very very much.


What a beautiful tribute for a loving and fun-loving lady. Your family is lucky to have a rockin' grandma! :)
Heaven Liegh said…
Now I love your grandma too! What an awesome post! I got teary eyed!
Julie A. D'Arcy said…
What a lovely post about your grandmother, I enjoyed reading it.

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