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Today in The Locker, I use a poem my daughter wrote today. She started writing much more when I increased my own time in Microsoft Word. My beautiful and funny 12 year old Allee, shown here at her birthday party has been the victim of bullying on several occasions.
I don't know about you, but having a creative side makes me...well... a bit weird I suppose. Fortunately, my Allee inherited my weird side, and someday, life will be amazing for her because of it. However, in the present, attending public junior high, some kids are vicious, poisonous terrorists hell bent on hurting anyone who is different than they are, maybe smarter than they are, maybe more athletic than they are, maybe quieter than they are, maybe wear glasses, maybe it's a boy who seems too feminine or a girl who seems too much like a tomboy.
Does it really matter? It happens all the same and kids die at an alarmingly increasing rate, usually by their own hand, when they just can't take it anymore.

Please take a moment and read my Allee's "A View From the Other Side"

i feel joy from your pain

i feel happiness where there is your sorrow

i feel love where is your hate

i feel pain from your joy

i feel sorrow from your happiness

i feel all of this because i am a

I read this and it touched me, not just because I'm her momma, but, because it seems so profound. Should a 12 year old know about all of these emotions? Maybe so, but, in this manner is both scary and sad.

Hug your kiddos and if you don't have your own, I bet you can find a child who needs a hug and a little encouragement to get them through this sometimes cruel and always puzzling existence.

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