Friday Flash Fiction January 6, 2012

Hello Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to FFF, the Flash Fiction Friday series. Where my friends and I have one photo prompt and write exactly 100 words to describe what we see.  What do you think is behind her deep expression?

I really don’t understand the fuss with me. I didn’t do anything heroic like save a child from a burning building, perform the Heimlich on some helpless little old lady, or donate a kidney.
“Okay, now look a little to your left, I want to get your beautiful profile.”
“How about this?” She turned and looked stately to her left.
“Gorgeous.” The photographer appeared enamored with her.
I’m here today because I refused to be ignored. I staged a sit-in at Fashion Week to represent the majority of women today, demanding a photo shoot.
The fan letters just keep coming.

Now that you have read my interpretation, please visit my fellow bloggers for their interpretations. Please be advised, some of the other pages contain explicit erotic content, in both written and image form-these pages are for mature eyes only.
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Jean said…
Love the staged a sit-in. Hooray for larger sized women in the fashion world. You made a great statement here. Nicely done!
ERP said…
This is awesome Davee. Great post. Woman of all sizes should be celebrated.
BLMorticia said…
I love her! So confident and determined. Nicely done!
Lee Brazil said…
Awesome! I love this post!
Jade said…
ah, a woman who fights to be recognized! I love strong women, and this one is one hell of a tough one! Good for her!
Great post
Strong, determined, owning her femininity, advocating for women everywhere. Davee, I loved this! :)
Bonni S. said…
Well done! I love a woman that will stand up for what she believes in. Total equality, fat, skinny, or anything between. Love it.
Katie Harper said…
Here's what I don't get, curvy women are freaking sexy! Those pissed off prepubescent boys with scowls on their faces that grace the runways are NOT sexy. It's not about what's normal, it's about what looks and feels good. A soft woman that yields under the weight of a lover is much, much better than a pile of bones.

Rant complete

Anonymous said…
I loved your FFF, Davee!!! Well done!
Oh Wow, this is cool. So, this previously silent majority of women is...full-figured women everywhere? Or the - we ain't all Barbie-Dolls? Yayyyyyyyy, I love this post. Daveee, you rock.

Patricia Logan said…
I think it's great that she stood up for the majority of women's bodies. Our poor children grow up thinking that they must starve themselves to look like cover models. Well thought out, finless. Great post.
Anonymous said…
Women with curves rock! and you summed it all up perfectly. I love it!
Davee said…
thank you all for the kind comments!
Wow! Powerful! Loved this. :)
VenusBookluvr said…
I love how her personality just jumps out from this. Wonderful take on the photo. I love what you did here!
we need more women like her! Women are real, not plastic sticks! Loved this!
Loved this. Fantastic way to view this week's picture.

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