Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bigfoot--Do You Believe?

In the middle of Southeastern Oklahoma, there are tales of a large, hairy, human-like creature who roams the forests.  Some of my brothers friends swear they have seen him, rambling outside my brothers' deer trailer in the middle of a clearing. The sightings made grown men drive crazily out of those woods in the middle of the night.
My mother and I took my niece and daughter camping a few years ago about 1/4 mile away from the deer lease spot, just over a wooded and rocky ridge in another clearing by the catfish pond.  We set up the tent, started a fire, and enjoyed sharing marshmallows and hot dogs as we watched the dogs play. 
Night fell and with no real lighting other than the fire, we opted to call it a night.  We each had cots in the tent and all was quiet.  The sounds of crickets, owls, and the occasional coyote howl worked as white noise to lull us to sleep.
Suddenly, I heard a sound like I had never heard before.  I lie there on the cot and swore I heard the Star Wars character, Chewbacca, in the distance.  The roar echoed across the meadow and sounded as if it were just a few yards away.  I looked toward the opening of the tent, half expecting the dogs to start barking.  They remained silent.
I chose not to say anything, as the kids remained quiet.  No one in our tent said a word.  I heard the sound of breathing and attempted to relax once again.
A bit closer now, I heard the same roaring echo bouncing off the trees and rocks, making it's way into our small tent.  What I hoped I'd imagined before, I knew was a reality.  Terrified, I remained calm, once again staring at the opening to the tent, still zipped tightly shut.
The rest of the night was uneventful. 
The next morning, as we loaded up our gear and prepared to go home to a hot breakfast, I casually asked my mom if she had heard a strange noise in the night, just as we were falling asleep.  She laughed nervously and said, "well, I was reaching for my pistol under my pillow." 
We still do not know what made that noise.  We know wild boar and cougars frequent the area, but, this was not their call. 
We discuss it to this day and consider it our personal encounter with Bigfoot. 

My family is headed up again today to the ranch for a bonfire in the exact same location.  We plan a hayride through the dark, scary woods.  I must admit, part of me hopes we encounter the same creature again, it would top this Halloween weekend perfectly.
Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's FFF time!!!

So, my friends and I are together once again for the Friday Flash Fiction. We use this picture and give our exact 100 word interpretation of what this says to us. What does this picture say to YOU?

“That crazy bastard thinks he’s gonna touch me after he groped that damn cat,” Tiana thought to herself.  She knew she was helpless- he chained her to a column in the front room.  “You be good now, or I’ll put tuna fish on your nipples, Princess attacks her tuna with her teeth,” he susurrated.    
Tiana attempted calm, but it was difficult as her captor’s eyes grew wilder each moment.  He approached her and put the cat down by her lap.  Without thinking, she wrapped the chain around the cat’s neck and snapped it tight.  “Oh no, what did I do….” 

Please visit my friends with their sizzling interpretations as well. I promise you will not be disappointed. We also have a compiliation of these posts on our blog

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Snippet From WIP---something creepy this way comes....

The evil Shadow killed once again and he took his prize--her body-- to the top of Mount Evans, just outside Evergreen, CO. As he salivated at the opportunity to present her decaying carcass to his next victim, something else happened to thwart his plan----

"The Shadow once again screamed in rage at losing his possession. He knew she was gone, this battle won by the heavenly Creator. As he scrambled to improvise his plan, he left her car in the location at the base of Mount Evans. He left it unlocked with her cell phone inside. The heavily visited location drew scores of hikers and mountaineers. The Shadow knew someone would report her car to the proper authorities.

Perfect, one step closer to Colin's demise.

The Shadow needed to proceed with the improvisations in his plan; however, his hate affected his human-like appearance. The Shadow’s blackened skin scaled and peeled, his eyes turned yellow, appearing jaundiced, and his hands were twisted claws. The Shadow’s sparse animal like hair blew in wild directions all over his exposed exterior. This time, he had a difficult time restoring his human fa├žade. The battle with Christ left him weakened and marred. He must calm his demeanor to draw forth the human inside him. He beckoned his human cover, “Clark”, with all his baleful might."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

OOOOOOH the Excitement Builds

I love Halloween. I spent the day today, in between coughs and sneezes, decorating for Halloween.
For the past fifteen years or so, I've wanted to be Poison Ivy. But, have never taken the time to find all the right pieces to make the costume work.

I fear if I wait too much longer, I'll be Geriatric Ivy and won't really rock the costume. I'm pushing it now as it is. (I keep reading the over 40 articles telling us what we "can" and "cannot" wear, ugh)

I was Amy Winehouse last year, I so much love her music and still saddens me we will not hear new music from such a talented soul. My beehive was not as commanding as hers, but, I just do not have the gift of hairstyling.
So, putting the question out there, who of you will be dressing up? And, puh-leaze, send me pictures, if you will, and I will pimp you rocking your costume here on my blog.
If pictures aren't your thing, please send me your creative suggestions for what you will dress up as, or in your fantasy, what you would like to be.
I think I'm gonna be a pirate this year, go figure.

Friday, October 21, 2011

FFF -- my friends' contributions

What does this picture say to YOU? Is this woman satiated, or does she need something more? Should he just put down his smoke and grab her by the hair? If you aren't sure where to begin, check out the interpretations my friends had in exactly 100 words. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Check it out kids!

You can now purchase the lovely Heaven Liegh Eldeen's book from Amazon.

The Demon Side--

Monday, October 17, 2011

Interview with John Divad - Heaven Gets a Moment

Hello---today deep in the Locker I have my first guest! Author, Heaven Liegh Eldeen, graciously agreed to stop by for a visit and share her interview with John Divad from The Demon Side. Please share this blog with your friends as we all get to know the many dimensions of The Demon Side.

Please also see Katie Harper's blogspot featuring Heaven's interview with the underworld, Rahovart, the demon pivotal in The Demon Side.

Watch for the release of this intense thriller in just four short days!

And now, the wonderfully talented Heaven:

Today I am sitting down with Master Gunnery Sergeant John Divad from The Demon Side. I have to admit, I am more excited about this interview than any other. Always the rock, trying desperately to hold his family and career together, John handles every situation thrown at him with the grace of a bull in a china shop, but also with the purest of intentions. I can’t help but to feel for the guy and root him on, as he finds himself battling against his invisible enemies; his wife’s alcoholism and his daughter’s Schizophrenia.

Me: “Good morning John. How are you doing?”

John: “I am doing just fine, Ma’am. And yourself?”

Me: “Good, thank you. But please, call me Heaven. Ma’am makes me feel old.”

John: “Suit yourself Ma’am, I mean Heaven.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I have to ask first and foremost, why did you join the Marine Corps?”

John: “Growing up on a cattle farm in Chino Valley, Arizona doesn’t leave you many options. You either, work the farms, join the rodeo or you move on. I moved to Phoenix when I was 17, shortly after graduating high school, where I got a job at a fast food restaurant.
Working the late shift one evening, my nose was busted to hell, during a robbery of the restaurant. Unable to afford proper health care, I went to a clinic next to a recruiting center. Waiting to see the doctor, I struck up a conversation with a Marine Corps recruiter, who was standing outside smoking a cigarette. Next thing I know, a few days later, I’m walking on yellow painted foot prints, with some guy yelling at me.”

Me: “What is your current occupation with the Marine Corps?”

John: “My current MOS, excuse me, Military Occupational Specialty, is 0171 Manpower Information Systems Analyst.”

Me: “What is that, exactly?”

John: “Typical duties of MIS analyst include research, procedural or system problem solving for reporting units, monitoring completion of class I systems cyclic updates, and conducting educational/training contact visits to both active and reserve reporting units within the regional jurisdiction.”

Me: “That’s a mouthful. Have you always been an MIS Analyst, as you put it?”

John: “No. Originally, I served as a 0369 Infantry Unit Leader.”

Me: “Why did you change jobs in the middle of your career?”

John: “Due to poor decision making, on my part, I was recently demoted to the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant and transferred to my current duty station, Marine Corps Base Quantico. With the new transfer, came a new job.”

Me: “What decision landed you in the military’s hot seat?”

John: “I made a decision that cost the lives of innocent people. That is all the further I will go into the matter.”

Me: “Okay, moving on then. How long ago did your first wife, Etta’s mother, pass away?”

John: “She died eight years ago, in a car accident.”

Me: “How did that affect you and your career?”

John: “Her death destroyed me on the inside. Finding solace in my work, my career flourished.”

Me: “How did you come about to marrying your deceased wife’s best friend?”

John: “I get a lot of disgusted looks for that decision, but the answer is simple. Shortly after my wife’s death, I was deployed to Iraq. Rene took care of Etta, as if she were her own, while I was gone. We talked on the phone and emailed each other as much as I possibly could. We became very close through our grief and love for Etta over those eighteen months.
She knew my life, the sacrifices it required and I knew hers. Most importantly, Etta loved her. Though she lost her mother, she still had a feminine figure to lean on. It only made perfect sense to marry her and bring back a sense a family dynamic to our lives.”

Me: “When you married Rene, did you know she was an alcoholic?”

John: “Rene didn’t drink before we were married. She started with a glass of wine with dinner every night. I didn’t realize there was a problem until our one year anniversary. There had been this restaurant she had been dying to go to, some fancy French place. I made reservations five months in advance, hired a limo, and bought this tennis bracelet that cost me three months wages. She wanted romance and I was going to give it to her.
Unfortunately, the restaurant had quite the wine list. Instead of enjoying a nice, well prepared meal, I watched her drink her dinner. The more I protested the more she knocked back. At the end of the night, I had to carry her out of the restaurant. She was so blitzed, half way home, I had to pull over to the side of the road and force my fingers down her throat to get her to throw up the booze. We spent the rest of the evening in the E.R, while she was treated for alcohol poisoning.”

Me: “And how do you feel about her alcoholism, now?”

John: “I hate it. I have never been much of a drinker. I don’t enjoy not having control of my body or mind. It is hard for me to understand how someone, especially as strong minded as Rene, could give into it so deeply. It doesn’t make the home life any easier either. Between her and Etta, I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.”

Me: “There are options to help treat her disease. Have you thought about admitting her into a rehab or out-patient program?”

John: “I’ve tried, but as the old saying goes ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it sober up.’ sums up my success with her treatments.”

Me: “At what age was Etta when she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia?”

John: “That’s the beautifully messed up part about it all. I got slammed with Etta’s diagnosis three days after my one year anniversary and a month shy of Etta’s twelfth birthday.”

Me: “What caused you take her in to get diagnosed?”

John: “While I shoved my fingers down Rene’s throat, my daughter was busy chasing imaginary demons with a butcher knife, throughout her babysitter’s house, which I wasn’t made aware of until weeks later, through a friend.
When I picked her up from the babysitter’s, she had been acting strangely. My little girl didn’t run up, arms open for a hug, screaming “My devil doggie!” as she always did since she could talk. Instead, I got a cold “Can we go now?” She wouldn’t let me grab her overnight bag, let alone allow me near her.
I attempted to talk to her, but she would only ramble on about bad demons and ghosts trying to touch her. I first assumed she had been sexually assaulted. Before going to the babysitter’s house and killing everyone in it, I took her into medical for an exam. You could imagine my surprise when the doctor came out saying everything was intact, no abuse occurred, but recommends she see a psychiatrist.”

Me: “Almost twelve, you say? That’s pretty young for such a diagnosis?”

John: “Diseases don’t care how old you are. They don’t care about your race, your religion, the clothes you wear or the amount of money you make. They do not discriminate, period. Man could actually learn a lot from them.”

Me: “There is a scene in The Demon Side in which Rene physically attacks Etta. What are your feelings on that?”

John: “Most of the time…I’m confused about it. With the fire tornado that their diseases create, you would never have guessed that, they were once tighter than two ticks on a dog’s nuts.”

Me: “How do you handle your deployments knowing you’re leaving a wife and daughter alone, together?”

John: “It helps having a support system. Before any deployment, I make sure I have plenty of people checking in on my girls, everyone from friends to social workers. The Marine Corp helps out a lot with this as well. All the different updates can be draining, especially when you have a social worker telling you one thing, and your wife or daughter, telling you another. But, I’m there with a job to do. If I don’t keep my head in the game, I may not come home with one.”

Me: “And Etta’s demons? What do you think of those?”

John: “Demons are the fabrication of a young mind that has been wired differently than most.”

Me: “You don’t believe your daughter sees Demons?”

John: “Absolutely not. I won’t indulge in this line of questioning any further.”

Me: “Alright. I have a question here from Katie Harper. She asks “Describe a perfect day.”

John: “A perfect day consists of waking up, putting on my slippers and being greeted by happy, healthy versions of my wife and daughter.”

Me: “Again this question is from Katie Harper. “If you could be granted one wish, what would it be?”

John: “Just once, I would like to have a perfect day.”

Me: The following questions come from Amy Schmidt. “John, who or what, inspires you?”

John: “Definitely my family. The drive me to be the best husband, father and Marine, I can be. Without them, I’m just a Jarhead on auto-pilot.”

Me: “Does anything scare you?”

John: “There are many things in this world that terrify me. Going to war, losing my family, ruining my perfect credit score, and spiders, are all things that scare me.”

Me: “With all the stressors in your life, what do you do to relax?”

John: “I eat candy, lots and lots of candy.”

Me: “Which candies are your favorites?”

John: “It depends on my mood and what’s going on. Hershey’s Special Dark is good for the days I want to ring someone’s neck. Payday bars are great anytime time of day. Tootsie Pops, I really enjoy when I’m deployed, they don’t melt. If I have to narrow it down to one though, my all-time favorite would have to be Tootsie Rolls. I’ll admit when I get one in an MRE, I get excited like a little boy on Christmas morning.”

Me: “Is there anything you would like to add before we conclude our interview?”

John: “No Ma’am. Nothing comes to mind. I think we covered enough bases for now. Plus, I don’t want to go off ruining the story. The book will be out soon enough.”

When she’s not kissing owies, climbing Mount Dishmore, or obsessing over her Facebook page, you can find Heaven at the computer, revising or editing one of her five works in progress, or with her nose buried in a text book. Eleven years later, still clean, sober, unaffiliated, and happily married, Heaven reflects on her past, using her experiences to inspire her writing. Having lived in many states, she has now settled down in California with her husband, her son and a betta fish named Barry.

Read the musings of the lovely and talented Heaven Liegh here.

Want to know more? Be sure to check out The Demon Side, releasing October 21st, 2011!! Next week, Heaven will be doing a Bio and Interview with the infamously, wicked step-mother, Rene! Have a question you’re dying to ask her? Leave your question in the comment box below or hit Heaven up at:

She would love to hear from YOU!

Mother's Pride

My daughter, Allee, has her first literary publication this year! She is 11. So, this blog turns G rated to honor her today.

Curious, cute, green
Nice, small, chameleon
Innocent, little

Awesome job to my amazing daughter!

Friday, October 14, 2011

No FFF for me

I was out of town, and did not sign up to post for the amazing picture today.
However, please use your imagination and comment as to what your 100 word interpretation would be!
Happy Blogging!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Inspiration is found in many places, with the company of certain people, in the music we listen to, etc. I found some inspiration this past week during our CA trip. In the locker today are some shots I took of a few of the beautiful things we saw. Enjoy:

Friday, October 7, 2011

Snipped from Current WIP--enjoy!

The Shadow knew that she kept her bike on the back of her small SUV. She also maintained two water bottles in two cages mounted on the frame of her bike. The Shadow had just the perfect performance enhancing concoction to ensure his success on her final ride. One Friday night, as she lay sleeping-resting for her third Saturday of the month solo ride-The Shadow injected both bottles with his magic brew.
He anticipated that by uphill mile three, she would pull a long drink from the first bottle. She would then begin to feel dry mouthed from the chemicals. She would then take a longer pull from the bottle somewhere around mile seven. She would become dizzy around mile ten, and by mile twelve, she would dump over as the chemicals rendered her unconscious.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have a contract offer on my first book, Finless. This has been a personal project in the making for quite some time. I'm beside myself with joy and hope you will all continue to follow me through this first success and hope to have many more to share.
I hope you all have a moment to celebrate today.
It's also my husband's birthday, so, we will definitely be festive in our home tonight!
happy birthday honey!