It's FFF time!!!

So, my friends and I are together once again for the Friday Flash Fiction. We use this picture and give our exact 100 word interpretation of what this says to us. What does this picture say to YOU?

“That crazy bastard thinks he’s gonna touch me after he groped that damn cat,” Tiana thought to herself.  She knew she was helpless- he chained her to a column in the front room.  “You be good now, or I’ll put tuna fish on your nipples, Princess attacks her tuna with her teeth,” he susurrated.    
Tiana attempted calm, but it was difficult as her captor’s eyes grew wilder each moment.  He approached her and put the cat down by her lap.  Without thinking, she wrapped the chain around the cat’s neck and snapped it tight.  “Oh no, what did I do….” 

Please visit my friends with their sizzling interpretations as well. I promise you will not be disappointed. We also have a compiliation of these posts on our blog

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Gemma Parkes said…
Oh! What did she do? Nooo! Fun 100!
Jade said…
Ekkk Creepy!! I loved it!! Great post
Sherri Hayes said…
Oh my! I think she is in some trouble now.
Anonymous said…
Tuna scented nipples. Uh oh!
Lee Brazil said…
*blinks* omg... she killed the kitty!
Sara York said…
That was wicked. Loved it. Oh my, what trouble we're finding on this weeks FFF
Bonni S. said…
Scary post. Loved it.
Oh My, that Ms Tiana is quite the hell kat. I think her captor better hopes she never gets loose. Poor kitty. This is a really great Halloween post - I Loved It.
Anonymous said…
Oooh, so errie and scary. Loved it! Great FFF!
Erika said…
Well now, that was a wicked creepy FFF! Awesomesauce!

Katie Harper said…
I don't think she did anything wrong, but then, I'm not an animal lover.

VenusBookluvr said…
Poor kitty!! Very halloweeny!
Fantastic creep factor for this time of year!

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