Snippet From WIP---something creepy this way comes....

The evil Shadow killed once again and he took his prize--her body-- to the top of Mount Evans, just outside Evergreen, CO. As he salivated at the opportunity to present her decaying carcass to his next victim, something else happened to thwart his plan----

"The Shadow once again screamed in rage at losing his possession. He knew she was gone, this battle won by the heavenly Creator. As he scrambled to improvise his plan, he left her car in the location at the base of Mount Evans. He left it unlocked with her cell phone inside. The heavily visited location drew scores of hikers and mountaineers. The Shadow knew someone would report her car to the proper authorities.

Perfect, one step closer to Colin's demise.

The Shadow needed to proceed with the improvisations in his plan; however, his hate affected his human-like appearance. The Shadow’s blackened skin scaled and peeled, his eyes turned yellow, appearing jaundiced, and his hands were twisted claws. The Shadow’s sparse animal like hair blew in wild directions all over his exposed exterior. This time, he had a difficult time restoring his human façade. The battle with Christ left him weakened and marred. He must calm his demeanor to draw forth the human inside him. He beckoned his human cover, “Clark”, with all his baleful might."


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