Bigfoot--Do You Believe?

In the middle of Southeastern Oklahoma, there are tales of a large, hairy, human-like creature who roams the forests.  Some of my brothers friends swear they have seen him, rambling outside my brothers' deer trailer in the middle of a clearing. The sightings made grown men drive crazily out of those woods in the middle of the night.
My mother and I took my niece and daughter camping a few years ago about 1/4 mile away from the deer lease spot, just over a wooded and rocky ridge in another clearing by the catfish pond.  We set up the tent, started a fire, and enjoyed sharing marshmallows and hot dogs as we watched the dogs play. 
Night fell and with no real lighting other than the fire, we opted to call it a night.  We each had cots in the tent and all was quiet.  The sounds of crickets, owls, and the occasional coyote howl worked as white noise to lull us to sleep.
Suddenly, I heard a sound like I had never heard before.  I lie there on the cot and swore I heard the Star Wars character, Chewbacca, in the distance.  The roar echoed across the meadow and sounded as if it were just a few yards away.  I looked toward the opening of the tent, half expecting the dogs to start barking.  They remained silent.
I chose not to say anything, as the kids remained quiet.  No one in our tent said a word.  I heard the sound of breathing and attempted to relax once again.
A bit closer now, I heard the same roaring echo bouncing off the trees and rocks, making it's way into our small tent.  What I hoped I'd imagined before, I knew was a reality.  Terrified, I remained calm, once again staring at the opening to the tent, still zipped tightly shut.
The rest of the night was uneventful. 
The next morning, as we loaded up our gear and prepared to go home to a hot breakfast, I casually asked my mom if she had heard a strange noise in the night, just as we were falling asleep.  She laughed nervously and said, "well, I was reaching for my pistol under my pillow." 
We still do not know what made that noise.  We know wild boar and cougars frequent the area, but, this was not their call. 
We discuss it to this day and consider it our personal encounter with Bigfoot. 

My family is headed up again today to the ranch for a bonfire in the exact same location.  We plan a hayride through the dark, scary woods.  I must admit, part of me hopes we encounter the same creature again, it would top this Halloween weekend perfectly.
Happy Halloween!!


Erika Badass said…
creepy!! I think I would be so freaked out, although my husband and kids would probably go investigate :sigh: at least my eldest daughter would, I think the boys would curl up with me and hold onto the guns :lol:

Ok, so I'm liking the pistol packing Momma. She's my kind of gal. No way am I going camping in the woods, near a Big Foot sighting, without a couple of guns.

I love this story and it is delightfully written, a perfect post for the weekend.

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