Tuesday Tales, Of What Do You Speak....

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! I hope you enjoyed an Easter weekend full of peace, love, and rejuvenation. Spring is heading rapidly our direction in Texas, thunderstorms provided a cozy backdrop to life this morning. This week our group writes to the word prompt, "speak". How does Finn really feel? From Steal My Heart, book 4 WIP from The Fantasy League series.
I don’t remember falling asleep. Somewhere between languid kisses and exhaustion, Danika cradled my head perfectly between her collar bone and neck. A dreamless slumber, because she was my dream, I slept the contentment of a small child. I didn’t recall such a restorative night, in all my years snuggled under a blanket for the comfort that never fully existed. I found a missing piece of security, all in the rhythm of her deep breaths and occasional whimpers.
She’d never understand the depth of my contentment. When I awakened tangled within her shelter, I knew I was a changed man.
I foolishly believed my lottery scholarship topped my list of life’s highs. Now, with Danika lying against me, her skin to mine, I knew no amount of money would top the concept of her…her and I. I could have it all, no matter how tough the struggle. I’d make it work. She breathed sharply, sounding a strange blend between gasp and moan. Was she dreaming? Maybe a nightmare I could protect her from. I embraced her tightly, pulling her into the shelter of my body. I’d never let anything happen to her, I shuddered the thought- a thousand images of horror blanked my consciousness. Kissing her forehead, making the promise of a hundred years ago, in valor, she’d be my charge.
What if everyone had such a comfort? Having someone’s back became more meaningful. The sorrows of the world wouldn’t stop, dangers lurked, and I had a new responsibility. Danika. She shifted, slipping to her side. I naturally spooned behind, taking in the scent of her shampoo. Desire became tenderness while our bodies softened into rest. My future schedule ran through my mind. I once prided myself there wasn’t anyone I needed to see or speak to everyday. The next level of our relationship showed me those days had passed.

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V.L. Locey said…
Great post this week!
Jean Joachim said…
What a beautiful passage! I could feel his emotions and the love passing between them. Wonderful.
morgan said…
Lovely imagery of his burgeoning devotion. :)
Jillian said…
Beautiful!!! Love.
Anonymous said…
Great snippet! You really tap into the emotions and share the depths of it with the readers.
Trisha Faye

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