Lacy Underwear isn't ALWAYS a Good Idea --SAID WHAT???

Hello everyone! Today in The Locker, I want to talk a little bit about what touches our skin. Specifically, what touches my skin. My autoimmune diseases have affected my nerves, which in turn can aggravate my skin. Once again, I dove into research.
From Healthline.Com
"Rheumatoid patients can develop skin disorders. According to the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics (UIHC), this happens because rheumatoid conditions like RA are autoimmune diseases.
UIHCnotes that the same kind of immune system problems that cause joint inflammation, swelling, and pain can also affect your skin. When this happens, RA patients may develop lesions or rashes on the skin, reflecting immunological dysfunctions."

I've noticed the usual sunspots, age spots, freckles, etc that have slowly increased over time. With my fair complexion, I should've heeded the warnings about sunscreen. So, now, I'm gonna preach the benefits of sunscreen and shade. You don't want skin cancer or ugly skin spots from seeking the sun glow. Word.

This picture IS my leg, after contact with just warm water
The rash is something different though. I remember getting hives when I was a kid, the pediatrician told my mother I had a histamine imbalance, which led to pressure hives. So, any prolonged contact with my skin could cause a hive reaction. How fun. I wish he'd had more knowledge of autoimmune diseases, maybe he could have uncovered the truth about what was really going on in my blood stream.

But, anyway, yeah, been there done that sometimes looks like an army of mosquitos took aim to my skin- leading to my statement about lacy underwear. The prolonged contact from the cute lacy material sometimes causes hives on my ass. Not the spot you really want hives. Aside from wanting to dig a hole through to my yoo-hoo from itching, the pressure hives don't go away easily. And, creams like hydrocortisone, steroids, etc? Forget it. Those really don't work.
Sometimes shoes cause hives on my feet. this is a picture of a good day
Here's the other frustrating part...I don't know what will set the hives off! I can choose to wear lace one day and have zero problems. But, choose the day when I really want to be sexy for the show, and guess what? It ain't sexy having hives on your butt cheeks. Turn down the lighting please.

I also love watching sports my kids play. Take me out to the ballgame any day. But, dammit, if those are the metal benches with the grooves running over them- absolutely not. Give me a blanket please, my tushie is sensitive.

I've went on and on about my ass, but, these hives can occur other places too. For example, the tops of my feet. If a pair of shoes are too tight across the top, the hives form where the straps or material connects with my skin. I could also go on and on about tight waist bands, tight elastic leg bands, bra straps, and another horrible spot---the back of my neck. I can't wear a swimsuit that ties around my neck. sigh.

The scary part of the research, and one reason the internet is a bane to health care professionals, is the wealth of doomsday prognosis prevalent. For example, just today, I'm reading rashes associated with RA indicate a more serious involvement, possibly the other organs. Well crap...another question for my doctor.

Not me,but an example of what my hives look like sometimes
I feel like the Princess and the Pea sometimes, and don't want to chronically complain about everything. However, I'm wearing lacy underwear today, so, anytime could be a trigger. Pray I can make it through the day without requiring fingernails. Thank you.


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