Tuesday Tales Moving Into February Ring the Bell!

Happy February Tuesday Tales... Today, I return to my current WIP, Personal Fouls, Book 3
for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week our group writes to the rather rebellious word, ring. I put a different spin on the usual meaning this time of year...

“Your father won’t stand trial for the murder charges.”  Louise appeared tired, yet relieved. “As his power of attorney, I signed a plea agreement with the District Attorney on his behalf.”
“What else was in the plea?” I certainly didn’t want my mom taking any heat for his shit. I knew it was a long shot, but, I wanted to know for sure.
“He will stay in the state remanded facility for the rest of his life. I basically admitted guilt for him.”
“You really couldn’t have done anything else.”
“Something else, I won’t be seeing him ever again.”
“I understand mom. I’d never expect you to.”
“When he dies, the state will cremate his body. We will not have a service. I paid for all expenses up front. I won’t return then either.”
I couldn’t protect my mother. In many ways, I felt I failed her. “You should have had a better life.”
“Every good memory, every happy moment in my life are genuine delights. When your father kept his secrets far from our home, he did us both a favor.”
“Will I ever stop hating? All my joy is gone, every last bit.  I wish I could have the chance to really ring his bell.”
“Son, you must make the choice. The sun still rises, the waves still crash, fire will burn, and ice will sting. Don’t let his fiendish side consume you, don’t give him anymore of your life.”
“Mom, you’re being a little granola right now.”
“We aren’t the first family to deal with tragedy. Unfortunately, we won’t be the last, we aren’t an anomaly in the human world. The right to feel sorry for ourselves lasts but a fleeting moment, then it’s gone.”
“You’re so strong, or is this all to make me feel better?”

Mom smiled a little. “Maybe you’re not the only one who needs reminded.”

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Tuesday Tales


Sarah Cass said…
What a wonderful, heartfelt, if very tragic moment between mother and son. Such emotions. Beautifully done.
V.L. Locey said…
So touching and heartfelt. Well done!
Kathleen Ball said…
love this line--“Mom, you’re being a little granola right now.”
Love that string of images, especially ice will sting!
Jean Joachim said…
Great use of the prompt. Wow, powerful scene!
Karen Cino said…
Very emotional scene between mother and son. Nicely done .
morgan said…
Tough scene, but you handled it well.
Jillian said…
wonderful emotion in the scene. Very well done. Having sons, I totally loved this.

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