Tuesday Tales and a Sultry Image

Happy early Valentine's Day!

This week our group writes to a very sexy inspired photo:

Our picture prompts are only 300 words, no less - no more. Let's see how this image inspired me this week.  

"We are open with each other, I’m still the same woman.”

“I’m not the same man.”  I wouldn’t leave anything open ended.

“I know you are, Rudy. You have a new energy.” She leaned down to kiss me, lingering face to face, catching my gaze. “You’re extraordinary.”

How could Lola not know this energy came from our connection? “In many ways, you make me better.When I first met you, I didn’t know what I was missing out on. You filled the gaps, all the spaces my love needed to go.”

“Love?” Hiding a shy smile, she spurred me on, I couldn’t stop now. “But, we have a strange beginning.”

“I won’t stop coming to the LockHim Room. We created an atmosphere of trust, love- the ultimate connection. I trust you more than anyone.”

“I know, I loved being in there with you. It’s just…we had a different routine then.”

“Do you think people in wheelchairs can’t get into S & m?”

“I never thought about the situation.”

“I’m more than a situation, Lola. I’m a flesh and blood man, the same man as when I stood on two feet taking your flogger and eating up every…single… moment.” Our conversation couldn’t end with her feeling sorry for me, I didn’t want that. “I don’t want you hanging around here if you won’t accept me as the same man you whipped for both our pleasures.” Not now, she couldn’t reject me now. Not when I had so little pride left. I could never let her see how broken I still was.

“What if I hurt you?”

“Seriously? That’s your response. I’m not the weakling getting sand kicked in my face. You’re my rescuer for a completely different reason. You make me feel like the man I was before this damn accident.”

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Tuesday Tales


Jean Joachim said…
Wow, what a powerful scene! I hope she can help him recapture what they had together. They sound like they had been a great couple.
Jillian said…
wow. This is great. Poor guy.
V.L. Locey said…
Such a powerful scene. Well done!
very evocative and emotional. Nicely done.
I love that there's such a strong connection between them!
Jeanine said…
Interesting to explore their history. Things have changed.
Karen Cino said…
Powerful and emotional scene. This will be an adjustment for both of them.
morgan said…
Kudos for such a moving scene.
Anonymous said…
Wow! Great scene!

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