Hello everyone...
Living with autoimmune disease is a challenge.  I have RA and Sjogrens. The maddening part is sometimes the day brings a new challenge I didn't expect. Take Saturday for example, my body went into full-on itching powder craziness.

I have a high allergy level to trees, weeds, grass, some pet danders, mold, well...you get the picture. Because the same processes that attack allergens also wreaks havoc with the auto-immune system.

I also have neuropathy and a loss of sensation. Which I realize is an odd combination when I have the horrible itching, but, my skin lacks sensation.


The itching is like an inside out hives, imagine deep under the skin all of a sudden, a thousand chiggers invaded. You try and try scratching to get to the source. but, you can't.

Well, I sat in a tub of epsom salt and warm water trying to soothe achy tired muscles and joints. Then, I began scratching the insatiable itch.

Here's the result, and I didn't know this was happening:

These marks aren't just red streaks, they are now hickie looking stripes up and down both legs. I didn't feel how deeply I was scratching. Scary stuff.
It reminded me of going to the dentist and receiving novacaine. The dentist instructs you to be careful because you could bite your jaw or lip and not feel it.
What I'm cautioning you, please be careful. With damages to your nervous system you could be rougher or not as careful as you should be.


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