Tuesday Tales...A Stutter Step Changing His World

Happy January Tuesday Tales... Today, I return to my current WIP, Personal Fouls, Book 3
for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week our group writes to the rather rebellious word, stutter. Read a little more about Rudy...

“How are you not resentful? You worked your whole life for your dream. Football was your life.”

“I was damn resentful for a long time. You didn’t see me when this first happened.” How could I quantify my life to her? I matured more after the accident than in all my years before.

“The only dream I’ve ever had was acceptance, to matter to someone besides my mom.”

“Oh, Boo, you matter, you inspire people to challenge their insecurities. You invoke change when you walk into a room. You command attention without saying a word, and none of it’s because you’re so damn beautiful.”

She leaned over, wrapping her arms around my neck. “I want to hold onto you forever.”

"I'm more of a man now that my legs feel nothing. My heart takes up the difference and I've grown as a person, I'm filled with hope." I knew my future was promised, blessed beyond measure. The inevitable obstacles wouldn’t stop me for long. I’d already come so far.

“You inspire me…but humble me all at the same time.”

“Lola, I’ve talked with the specialists. I’m a candidate for surgery. I could have full sexual function, which means having kids. I can still be a dad.”

“Is the procedure dangerous?” She backed away, sitting down heavily on the bench. “Do you really want more surgeries?”

“I’ll be okay. Did you hear me though? The only element, sentence of my fate, could be corrected, fulfilled.”

“You’ll be an incredible father.” She looked at a spot on the ground, the wheels of her brain churned behind her growing smile.

Our conversation was going too fast into serious territory. How could I say I wanted her to be the mother for my child? That if I only got one shot, one chance, I’d be honored if she carried my legacy. “I…it’s the one dream that mattered more than football. I want my chance to be called dad.” My heart did a little stutter, the steady excited flutter of life’s end zone. Could I make her see how important this was to me?

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Tuesday Tales


Mega love for the way you used the prompt. Great emotional scene.
Sarah Cass said…
Love love love this scene. Love Rudy so much. Beatuiful!
V.L. Locey said…
Such a wonderful scene. Well done!
Jillian said…
whoa this is heavy, Pressure there with the carrying the child thing. Love it. This is awesome.
Jean Joachim said…
What a moving story! And great use of the prompt, too. I love the image that created for me. I did have some difficulty reading the unusual font. It danced a bit before my eyes. Looks nice, but hard to read. Awesome story. I'm rooting for him to get his wish.
Anonymous said…
Nice scene, showing a lot of what he's going through. Lots of emotion and longing. Good job.
morgan said…
Great job with the changing emotions between the two of them.

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