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I try to host a health related post each week in The Locker. I like to share my experiences in the hopes of helping someone else. I've decided to make a little turn and have a guest host for the next few weeks.

My friend Brian is a beast. He cycles more miles in a year than I probably drive in my car. He has a passion for health, and shares an equal passion to eradicate MS. Please be kind to Brian and give him a warm welcome.


Research on immune activity in MS

Understanding and stopping MS in its tracks requires a better understanding of the role that the immune system plays in this disease. This system is involved both in the inflammatory attacks on myelin and, very possibly, in the injury to axons (the wire-like nerve fibers) that contributes to longer-term disability. Research on the immune system includes studies on:

  • Understanding components of the immune system such as T cells, B cells, and antibodies.
  • Identifying new targets for therapeutic intervention while leaving the rest of the immune system capable of fighting infections.
  • Identifying substances and processes involved in the injury of axons.
  • Identifying the body’s natural immune messenger molecules that can either turn on or turn off immune attacks.

Significant progress is being made in understanding the immune system's involvement in MS, which will help drive breakthrough solutions to change the world for everyone with MS. Studies of the immune system in MS laid the groundwork for every disease-modifying therapy now available, and these studies continue to hold promise for finding ways to stop MS.

Without your help, and donations, the National MS Society would not be able to fund research like this. Please support me in my 10th BikeMS by visiting my page at to make a donation. Thank you.


Good for you! I'm sure people find your information and encouragement helpful just when they need it.

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