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I try to host a health related post each week in The Locker. I like to share my experiences in the hopes of helping someone else. I've decided to make a little turn and have a guest host for the next few weeks.

My friend Brian is a beast. He cycles more miles in a year than I probably drive in my car. He has a passion for health, and shares an equal passion to eradicate MS. Please be kind to Brian and give him a warm welcome.




My name is Brian Jones. I am an avid cyclist riding to rid the world of Multiple Sclerosis.

“MS isn’t an easy disease to diagnose. In the first place, there is no single test for multiple sclerosis. Second, the diagnosis cannot be made until the doctor finds evidence of two episodes of disease activity in the central nervous system that have occurred at different points in time — which means that confirming the diagnosis is sometimes a waiting game. And third, most MS symptoms can also be caused by other conditions, which means that the doctor needs to rule out all other possible explanations. Very often, when a central nervous system problem, such as MS is suspected, many tests will need to be done before the diagnosis is confirmed.” - National MS Society website

While MS isn’t easy to diagnose now, there is promising research being conducted by Dr. Nancy Monson of UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX. Dr. Monson is investigating the impact of B cells on MS and the mouse model of MS (Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis). Her research has shown that the pattern of antibody genes expressed by B cells from the cerebrospinal fluid of MS patients can be used to identify patients that will develop MS in the future with 90% accuracy. Dr. Monson is using the information from her research to help diagnose patients, and guide developments in therapy.

Dr. Monson receives funding from the National MS Society, funding which are raised through events like BikeMS. Please support me in my 10th BikeMS by visiting my page at to make a donation. Thank you.



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