Tuesday Tales Fall is Here- Don't it Make You S.A.D.?

Happy Fall Tuesday Tales? Today, I return to my current WIP, re-titled Split the Uprights for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week we write to the beautiful picture prompt below. Three hundred words...what can I set up for you? Did Lola actually kill herself?

Thank goodness Finn agreed to join me on this wild search. I couldn’t ask Eugene, I still haven’t figured that guy out. At least Finn had enough social filter not to blurt something inappropriate if we found Lola in a compromising position. Eugene might piss me off with his indifference. Maybe I should have called the authorities, I respected Lola enough at this point to track her down myself. Who knows what shape she would be in.

“You know very well what you're going to find in the depths of that place."

I don’t know what made Lola postal, clearly she felt the need to become a survivalist as some sort of self-preservation measure. “Look, Finn, something is so wrong with her, it could be medical.”

“Why the hell would she hole up in some abandoned barn? Lola is all about manicures, room service, and fluffy pillows. This is not where she would have a meltdown.” Finn stared at the building, bewilderment tensing every muscle. “I just don’t think she is in there.”

“I think you’re wrong and I need to check it out. You can stay here, but, be ready to dial the police.”

“You don’t think she killed herself do you?” Finn became ashen, blanching like an almond in the summer sun. “I can’t deal with that.”

All my life death was another part of the day. People became mannequins we simply moved from one place to another, sometimes piece by piece. Human puzzles filled dark black bags, waiting for disposal- no sense in making it more than what it was. For some reason, I couldn’t see Lola in one of those bags, it reviled and saddened me to think of disposing her to some sterile medical examiner. It was wrong, she deserved better than my normal day.

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Jillian said…
oooh, I love the last paragraph. Beautifully written
Jean Joachim said…
OMG, she's not dead, is she? Damn! This is dark, but well written.
Anonymous said…
Perfect snippet to go with this picture prompt.
On pins and needles waiting to read the rest!
Intriguing and nicely done. I like how she keys into her professional mode but also goes deeper.
Sarah Cass said…
Intriguing and emotional moment. I hope they find her alive and well.
SherryGLoag said…
What a powerful snippet. Love it.
morgan said…
People as mannequins was nice imagery for the bodies left behind.

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