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Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover Goodreads Maybe Someday

This 367 page book is the first I’ve read by Colleen Hoover. When I saw this book listed as a fan favorite, I decided to read her work and get a better understanding of who this author is, and how she writes.

It was beautiful. I’m proud to be a fellow Texan with folks like Colleen.

Ms. Hoover’s succinct writing style did not disappoint me. I like descriptors, good scene/character development, and closing a scene. She did a very good job of articulating and setting up the characters. I noticed one potential error, but, it was simply a mix up of words.

I appreciated how thoroughly she covered the life that a deaf person would face each day. The realism charmed me, and I was amazed how well she saw the perspective through Ridge’s eyes, even with the profound hearing loss. It was fabulous to see how well this character played the guitar and could put together songs. I will always admire the character in Ridge she developed.

The characters wove their lives together in a believable family style. The caring and generosity between them all made me smile more than once. I don’t even need to give away any spoilers, because the quality alone makes this book worth your time- just trust me.

I also like how she gave just enough details about the intimate scenes for a readers’ imagination. I would suggest this could be appropriate for the mature high school-aged reading crowd. Even when she did go into the small details, she set the image tastefully and modestly.

All in all, Ms. Hoover writes a believable story about a unique couple finding genuine love through an equally unique set of circumstances.  She portrayed an accurate description of the fear of what to do with their feelings. I could feel the character’s frustrations, infatuations, and just how intensely the human condition can affect anyone-regardless of their situation.
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