Pretty Little Perverts...or Normal? Tuesday Tales

Happy Hot Tuesday and welcome to The Locker. Today, I again return to my current WIP, re-titled Split the Uprights for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week we write to the word prompt "pretty". I keep thinking I won't have another edition for Tuesday Tales from this book, but, I keep writing more. :) Danika and Finn still haven't made that connection...will they ever? 

Neither of us belonged here and we knew it. However, had we not made the stupid decision, the normally wrong decision to join this ridiculous club, we wouldn’t be sitting here sharing cheese dip and draft beer. Love finds a way. Love splits the uprights and scores the critical points. Love is the champion, the reason for the game. Love is way fucking bigger than the Lombardi Trophy and a thousand times as valuable. We might be the only two in this whole room to know the secret. I wanted to sit here forever. I had a feeling she had the same idea.
My mouth momentarily wouldn’t work, like a log jam in a flooded river, too many words rushed to my tongue at the same time.
“Finn?” She leaned in toward me, a sense of urgency in her voice this time.
“I’m okay, got a chip stuck in my gullet.” I rubbed my throat. “I shouldn’t show off with a full mouth.”
“You are too cute. Everything you say or do comes from a place of authenticity. How do you manage that?”
“I never learned how to fake anything. I never wanted to.”
“I’m glad.” Danika scooped up the right amount of cheese on an equally perfectly sized chip. She hesitated before she brought it to my lips. I’m sure I looked like a dog eating peanut butter, only because she enchanted me with an unplanned move. Penalty, flag on the playfifteen yards…how about fifteen kisses, ref? Did I want her to think of kissing me as a penalty? She’s so damn pretty.
Shit, I’m twitterpated. 
The friggin’ bell rang, forcing me to get up. The next guy practically pushed me out of the way. “My turn with the good doctor.” He looked way too pervy.
Danika intervened with another chip, motioning me next to her. “We’ll talk again soon.” She shoved the chip inside before I started drooling. The drool had nothing to do with the melty cheese. She was the culprit. All I could do was nod. She laughed at me. I deserved it, she made me giddy.
Who the hell says giddy anymore?

I do.

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Ooh, nice wording and imagery! I love the name Finn too.
Sarah Cass said…
I love it. all over. The use of twitterpated makes me so happy...thought I was the only one that said that. lol.
V.L. Locey said…
Love it! And I too am glad to know I`m not the only one who says twitterpated. =D
Jillian said…
ahhh, twitterpated. Reminds me of Bambi and that scene with Thumper where they thought that was a bad thing to be. Great story so far!
Anonymous said…
I got so involved with the story I forgot to look for the prompt. I had to go back and check where pretty was. Great job!
SherryGLoag said…
Haven't heard/red the word 'twitterpated' for years. :-) Great snippet.
morgan said…
I'll ask. What is twitterpated? Is it anything like poleaxed? Great scene. Felt like I was there.

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