Tuesday Tales and Creepy Spiders

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday and time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I take you  to my new young adult paranormal SEQUEL WIP, Blue Ink- Jerky.  Joelle and CSI McKinney enjoy a day on the ice rink, until a spider gets in the way.

“Wylder, I haven’t been ice skating in years. What a wonderful idea!” Joelle tightened the laces one last time on her rental skates. “Now, I hope I don’t fall and bust my fanny.”
“You’ll do great, Jo. Hold onto the side rails and take your time. You’ll be slicing across the ice like a pro before you know it.”
Joelle stood on the thin blades, her ankles wobbling with every step across the red carpeted area toward the ice rink. “I think I need to do more yoga, my ankles are so weak. That’s what my office job has done to me all these years.”
“We can do that too.” Wylder squeezed her hand lovingly, tightening his grip to steady her.
“You would go to yoga with me, CSI McKinney?”
“Of course, I go to yoga sometimes. I especially like the Bikram, or hot yoga as you may know it. It’s good for my body.”
“You are a wealth of surprises, I’m continually grateful I met you.” Joelle raised her head to look into CSI Wylder McKinney’s eyes.
“As I you.” Wylder leaned down and kissed Joelle’s forehead.
Stepping tentatively onto the ice, Joelle grasped the handrail, white knuckling her first trip around the rink. Wylder stayed close for the first round, gently supporting her lower back with his hand. “Do you think you can manage on your own for a little while?”
“Certainly, get out there and show me your moves, CSI. Let me see for myself if you can skate the skate as well as you talked your skills up to be.”
Wylder winked toward Joelle before blazing off, gaining speed for a rapid circle of the rink. On the second pass, he finessed backwards, gliding diagonally toward the center of the arena. Pushing off with his toe pick, Wylder executed a successful lutz jump, just feet from Joelle, who began clapping immediately. “You dazzle me, Wylder, truly dazzle me.”
“It’s just a little something I picked up from childhood.”
“No, seriously, that was awesome. You look like a natural out here.”
“I had lessons for several years, participated in some competitions. But, never really wanted to devote the time for more serious meets. For a while, skating was all I did in my waking hours, besides homework. It got old pretty quick.”
“I’d give you a gold medal.” Joelle began shakily slipping across the ice, unassisted by the handrail.
“That’s what matters today.” Wylder replied, still skating backwards to watch Joelle’s progress.
Following a few passes, Joelle’s confidence grew. She watched Wylder perform more jumps, spirals, and sequences. The crowd of people grew slightly, giving Joelle more human obstacles to maneuver. Wylder eased up on the display, avoiding sure collisions. Looking through the people, Joelle spotted him taking a break on the other side of the ice. Skating toward him, she stumbled when her skate edge hit something on the ice. “Somebody must have lost a scarf or glove.” Joelle muttered to herself, before she hit something else, throwing her almost completely off balance. Looking down behind her, a spider sprawled across the ice where she had smashed it, cutting it into with her blade. Long furry brown legs wriggled desperately in the throes of final death, its’ urticating hairs readied to launch into an enemy."

"Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on the word prompt "spider".


Sarah said…
Oh my...what a grotesque description of the dead spider...I love it! And I want to know more about this CSI...
Christina Cole said…
I love to watch ice-skating. Reading about it also a pleasure. Needless to say, I like Wylder.
Kathleen Ball said…
exactly how i felt skating as an adult- the wobbly ankles
Fiona Druce said…
Oooooh that was a detailed death, lol!

CSI, eh? :)
Lindsay said…
Great way to off a spider. Love it.
triciaandersen said…
I agree - I love how you offed the spider. I loved the interaction on the ice, I loved the description of Joelle's ice skating skills. Great job!
Iris B said…
it took me a while to get past the pic, so I placed a post-it sticker on the screen to cover it ... LOL ... they kinda are ok out there in my yard, but not crawling on someone's chest *shivvers* ...it seems I should've covered the last sentences as well ... LOL.
Interesting post this week :-)
Karen Cino said…
Clever way to use the word prompt. Now ice skating. The last I went ice skating I was 19. I feel and lost my contact lens. Nice post.

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