I Won a Flash Fiction Contest!

Good morning friends! 
Each month, I check out a site called http://www.wakeupyourmuse.com/.  I enjoy the challenge to keep my mind sharp and write off the cuff.  If you are looking for methods to improve creativity, this just might be the ticket. 
This month's prompt: She looked hard at herself in the mirror, but this was not a face she recognized.
Deadline for this month's entries is
11:59 on Wednesday, November 30th. Winners will be announced by
Thursday, December 1st.

The contests are definitely vanilla, but, really a good time-- and I won this month!  Many thanks to Heaven Liegh Eldeen, as her description of a real estate agent, in her own work, assisted in my set-up of the story. 
Please see my short work-exactly 400 words, entitled, 'Sign From The Shower', to follow.  Enjoy!!
As they toured homes during the hot, sticky month of July, Matthew threatened several times to bail on the arduous task of finding the home of their dreams.  However, Emily’s determination to move before the baby’s arrival was unyielding.  By the third weekend in a row, they found themselves in a stalemate.  
“Ok, please, just come with me today, I need you on this one,” Emily begged Matthew.  “How can you enjoy trudging through stale-smelling homes, most of which have no electricity to even cool them down?”  Matthew replied grumpily.  “Today is the day, I can feel it honey, seriously, then, we won’t have to do this again for a very long time.” Emily widened her green eyes in his direction, and he knew he was a goner.  “Fine,” the effeminate word sounded very masculine coming through his gritted teeth. 
Matthew and Emily viewed the homes with the aid of a real estate agent; however, they insisted in riding separately from their agent.  Matthew thought the woman wore excessively too much perfume for 100-degree weather and it choked him.
Mid-day on that last day, they pulled up to an oversized cottage on the outskirts of town. “Honey, what do you think?”  She asked Matthew excitedly.  Matthew held little enthusiasm as he replied, “Ahhh, looks like every other one so far, let’s go in and get this over with.” 
They walked through each room and evaluated the artisanship, the decorating, and the layout.  Emily looked out of the windows toward the garden and landscaping that surrounded the home. 
It was hot in the home, as the owners locked the windows.  Sweat poured down each of their faces and the agent decided to step outside to take a breather.  “You’re choking on your perfume, aren’t you,” Matthew laughed to himself.  Out of curiosity, he flipped a switch and a ceiling fan began to spin. 
“What do you know, Emily, electricity!”  Matthew took delight in what most normally take for granted.  He found it refreshing this particular summer day.  He wandered off by himself as Emily continued to evaluate the home.  Then, a curious noise captured her attention.  She could hear the shower running, so she knew it was now or never.
She walked in to find Matthew stripped naked standing under a cold running shower.  “I think we found our sign honey, the utilities are on, I’m cooling off- let’s buy it!”


Hey Finless( Gosh, that is such an "interesting" first name ), first let me say congratulation on winning the contest. Second, this is a very nice flash fiction story. I had no idea how you were going to tie the prompt in to the very end. I am impressed with how much your writing seems to have grown and become more confident these last few months. It's apparent that you have been working on your craft and the effort is evident in the quality of your posts. Well done.
Sara York said…
Very cool. So happy for you!
Bonni Sansom said…
Excellent Flash Fiction. I can see why you won. The description is fantastic. Congrats!
Erika said…
That was such a cool flash {Har de har har} Congrats on winning Finless!
LunaEllaAldora said…
Oh that was fun and what a sign! I do hope Emily stripped down and joined him, nuzzling that baby bump against his slick skin. Congrats! :)
Lindsey said…
So fun. I can totally see my hubby and some of his friends doing that. Congrats on winning!
Davee said…
Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your support. :) have a beautiful day!
Congrats friend , really wonderful post , I liked your grip on the reader
Heaven Liegh said…
Wow Thank you for the mention. I'm all teary eyed now. I absolutely love your Flash Fiction. Congratz on the win!

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