Honoring Veteran's and Something Else To Check Out

Good morning, What a beautiful Thursday, even better because it's my Friday.  BIG however at this junction though because, it would not be my Friday without Veteran's of the United States of America, so, big Thank You right now to everyone who defends our nation.  (and not thanking because i get the day off, either)

My grandfather was a Korean Conflict veteran, and the physical scars had nothing on the mental ones.  Sometimes, I wonder how men and women serve and retain their sanity.  It's a huge undertaking that not everyone can accomplish successfully, so again, my sincere thanks.

For my fellow writers out there, as a member of the Secret Cravings Publishing Yahoo Group, I became familiar with the site entitled ManicReaders.  I joined, however, have very little experience yet with this group.  Has anyone else joined this group?  If not, maybe you would like to check it out:



Heaven Liegh said…
Decadent publishing sends a lot f their books to them for reviews but I have yet to personally work with Manic Readers. They also have a page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Manic-Readers/57251291389
Bonni Sansom said…
Thanks for the site. I signed up over there and asked for reviews. I too know veterans and I'm very thankful for them. For their sacrifice and courage.
Granny Annie said…
It is nice to have a special day to thank our Veterans and going forward we need to remember we can thank them every day.

For some reason you blog has replaced the link of one of my friends who passed away several years ago. I could not bring myself to delete the link and have been following you since you popped up in her place, My heart skipped a beat the first time because I thought she was back. I guess that qualifies me as a lurker until now.
Davee said…
Miss Granny Annie, I'm honored you follow my blog. I know my posts are diverse and sometimes edgy, but, I hope you continue to peek in. Thank you. It's great to meet you. :)

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