Tuesday Tales Taking the Train

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! It's time for Tuesday Tales.

A group of writers gather together and give our interpretation of a specific word prompt each week. Once per month, we even write to an image.  You never know what you might encounter when you get inside our minds. This week our group writes to the word- train This will be an excerpt from my new WIP for a new romance contemporary, What the Storm Didn't Take.


Walking to me, dad brushed sweaty clump of hair off my four head, then kissed my cheek. "I'll be right outside in the waiting room if you need anything. You've got a good team here to help, so I'm gonna get out of their way."

"Yeah right, you're just squeamish." Smiling back he needed to understand I was kidding.

His smile broadened, and his eyes even got happier. "That's my girl, you know me very well."

Even though I'm sure it took forever, it also seemed too soon that the labor pains intensified, and they seemed almost on top of each other. My endurance wasn't just thin, I had none left. And I knew that anytime I spoke it probably sounded like I was barking orders or bitching incessantly. I still felt the joy – joy that the kid would be out soon in all this pain would be over with. I wanted someone to talk, and break the silence, and halt the freight train running through my head. "Somebody tell me a story." Maybe a distraction would help, since my other strategies were starting to give out.

Neither of them said anything right away. The beeping tapped against my four head like a type of water torture, and I felt the urge to grit my teeth and scream. His voice began before I had to do either of those things.

"Remember when we were little, and I had that cat?"

"I don't want this to be a dialogue. I just want one of you to tell me a story without my input."

"Anyway, you and I were always thinking of new things to do for entertainment. But Mrs. Blanton, I want you to know, we never hurt any person or animal. I need to clear that up before I went on. We had been swinging from a rope on a tree in my yard, taking turns to see who can swing the highest without falling off."

"Is that how she really broke her arm?" Mom's voice caught an edge of frustration in the question.
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Karen Cino said…
I couldn't help but laugh at her mother's question. It sounds like a scene out if my life. Well done.
LOL If memory serves, I could've used a story or two at that point in time. Well done.

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