Tuesday Tales in the Pictures

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! It's time for Tuesday Tales.
A group of writers gather together and give our interpretation of a specific word prompt each week. Once per month, we even write to an image.  You never know what you might encounter when you get inside our minds. This week our group writes to a picture prompt. We have 300 words to get your attention. This will be an excerpt from my new WIP for a new romance contemporary, What the Storm Didn't Take.

Grief is the kind of heartache you feel in your bones. When I need peace, I look to the fresh snow, lovingly blanketing and protecting everything it covered. In February you are my Valentine for so many years I never knew what it was like to not have a valentine on Valentine's Day. We always share that special day just as happy and wrapped up as we did when we were first dating. I want you to know everything I did I truly meant it and I still enjoyed it even if I like to tease that I thought it was silly tradition or that the greeting card companies made up the holiday. Although they may have capitalized on it, I want you to know that as your Valentine I will always be your Valentine. I died loving you with every inch of my body and with all that I have in my heart. I hope you can believe that. I’ll believe you love me with all you had and all your strength came from your love. You'll need that strength now more than ever. Finding love again won't be as hard as you're going to try to make it. You're going to dig in your heels and pretend like it's some kind of cheating on me or however else you want to put it. You’ll think by loving again, and sharing Valentine's again with someone, it’s wrong somehow. Don’t think that way. It’s wrong, so wrong to deny your heart the fullness of love.  You need to know that all the love you had for me and all that passion doesn't go away. It doesn't die- it remains and it changes a little- it changes into all the memories of everything we ever did and keeps you from withering away.

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Great excerpt. You made me choke up. Can't wait to see how this fits into the story.
Trisha Faye said…
Great job, Davee. I'm intrigued with your new story.
Karen Cino said…
That was absolutely beautiful, full of emotions.. Can't wait to read the story.
Lovely thoughts from someone who loves her beyond measure. Beautiful.
Jean Joachim said…
What a powerful piece! Wow!

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