Tuesday Tales, What a Gorgeous Moon

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the intensely striking photo of the moon. I think of harvest moon when I see such splendor. We only get 300 words to grab your attention and bring you into the world we're writing from.  From Steal My Heart, a new WIP for a new series.

“You’re one giant leap for me in a world full of my small steps.”
There’s no way she could ignore such a plea. He was as genuine as Charles was deceitful. Not cut from the same cloth, only sharing a few threads of DNA didn’t make this man the same conniving scum who’d invaded her home and body with such treachery. George exuded sorrow for actions he hadn’t even taken. Her fingers yearned to touch his hair, pulling him in closely, as if she’d never get another chance. “The moon is romanticizing your words.”
“Don’t blame anything on this setting, although it’s perfect.” The secluded winery nestled securely among vines much older than her twenty-something years on the planet. The antique atmosphere delighted a girlish sense of love sustained by the safety of countless others who’d shared the same gardens. Treading the same paths as thoughtful dreamers gave Carolyn permission to believe- To believe in all his eloquent words.
“Aren’t you angry with me, at least a little bit?”
“How could I be angry when he clearly tricked you? Our own mother was duped several times by his theatrics. Unfortunately, he learned at an early age to take advantage instead of being noble. I started feeling regret for him when I realized he would never have the capability. It’s hurtful that he isn’t even bothered by such trivial human conditions as feelings, emotions, or empathy. He broke my heart before I even knew of the love from a woman.”
“I still should’ve known it wasn’t you. Perhaps, I was wishful thinking, which still isn’t an excuse.” How could she voice aloud her shortcomings of rational thought? Basically, she admitted the possibility she took the man standing in front of her, without really knowing for sure.
“No, I’ll never believe that.”
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Nice. Makes me want to read more.
Jean Joachim said…
Confusion and confessions about a not-so-nice guy. Intriguing.
The sociopath is so intriguing, as is the effect of his behavior on the others. Love the first paragraph-- that took me back in time!
Jillian said…
Great work this week, Def loved the first lines- the moon landing reference is awesome.

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