Does This Look Sexual to You? #Secretary

Ahoy  Fellow Fathomers! Happy Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day! I’m stuck inside for the majority of the day when I really should be exposing these reflector enhanced legs to some sunshine. Not that I tan well anyway, but I can at least achieve a muted shade of ivory over bright fluorescent white.
I will not voice an opinon either way on FSOG. I've read many books, some including BDSM elements, and I write books with some BDSM elements. Please know this blog embraces all books in the genre.

Since I’m inside, I can write to you all! So, today in The Locker, Jumping on the bandwagon, I decided to talk about the recent hullaballoo over the raging BDSM and erotic romance craze sweeping the globe.  Yep, if you are on this blog, chances are in my favor that you know what I’m talking about, you know this Fifty Shades of Grey thing.

I find it ironic that in one of my all time fave movies, Secretary, the lead male protagonist’s name is E. Edward Grey. Coincidence, hmmm, we will have to wonder if there is meant to be an underlying familiarity. I own a copy of Secretary, even bought a second when my first DVD disappeared. I've watched the movie countless times, can recite the dialogue, and LOVE the movie soundtrack. I also recently downloaded the movie on Google Play and watch on my Smart Phone. Yeah, I'm obsessed.

Three Days Waiting on Prince Charming- "Put your hands on the desk, palms down, and don't move until I get back."
Secretary resonated with me for many reasons. I first watched the movie while going through a divorce. I watched the movie and immediately, it spoke to me. (weird, maybe) But, Mr. Grey's law office was located on Ardmore Street. I worked in Ardmore, OK. I started counting all the coincidences and reasons I was meant to view this amazing film. Mr. Grey brought out the hidden confidence, beauty, and empowerment in Lee Holloway. Lee came to him broken, meek, self-deprecating. He loved her enough to help her shine.

If you enjoy or curious about this world, I encourage you to watch Secretary. No, there aren't the eye popping sex scenes. The mental display and devotion are enough to make me swoon. This movie gets down to the brass tacks.

 I wanted a new kind of freedom and found it in a dungeon club in Dallas. While my time there was limited, I found wonder and stomach dropping delight in what these folks were doing. It was so expressive, therapeutic, and awe-inspiring. Secretary the Movie
Worth the Wait, Absolutely

For fun, I opened up Google and typed in simply, BDSM- many more things popped up this time than they did about nine years ago when I first began checking it out. Yes, brutal truth here, I dabbled in The Lifestyle for a while and greatly enjoyed the experience. I learned many new and valuable aspects about myself. Most of the joy I practiced came mentally from private revelations and personal growth-all related to elements of BDSM play. Rotten Tomatoes Review Secretary

Wow, what a ride… However, my own experiences pale shamefully in comparison to what I really wanted to try. Most of my imagery comes strictly from the depths of my sometimes-twisted imagination.  When you read anything of mine, you will just have to wonder what I personally own and what I cooked up. ;)
My BDSM Book
It was around this timeframe, ten or so years ago, I began the outline for my book, Finless. As words took shape, I built it chapter by chapter until I had a workable novel. I added elements to surprise and intrigue that just may offend some readers, but, if it gets you thinking and talking, then, I’ve attained my goal with Finless.

Meeting Coach Dom Lola

A Dominatrix Takes Control In This Series
If I could share anything from my four decades on this planet, it would be encouragement for you. Read something new, research what fascinates you, and breathe new life into your lungs. Fathomers, take a chance, take a risk, try something new-a big, bold new world awaits and maybe it starts with just one sentence...


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