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Author Carey Heywood!

Welcome to The Locker and a special feature. I had the awesome opportunity to attend and volunteer at the Houston Author Event, hosted by Emily Lalone, owner of Lalone Marketing. I met ten amazing authors and want to introduce them to you too.
Meet New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Carey Heywood, with six books out and many more to come. She was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Ever the mild-mannered citizen, Carey spends her days working in the world of finance, and at night, she retreats into the lives of her fictional characters. Supporting her all the way are her husband, three sometimes-adorable children, and their nine-pound attack Yorkie.
 You will also find her on Goodreads.
 Check out her blogspot! Carey Heywood Blogspot

Sunday, April 27, 2014

One Size Fits All?...Hardly ---Just Out of my Grasp

Hello Fellow Fathomers!!  I’ve decided to use my blog not only to writing, music, and other facets of entertainment, but, also to share my journey. I’ve had significant health problems for almost two years. Initially, my rheumatologist diagnosed me with systemic lupus (SLE) on June 19, 2013. However, the medication wasn’t working and I kept getting worse and developing new symptoms. So, after second, third, and fourth opinions, my neurologist believes instead I have fibromyalgia. 
In April 2014 I visited yet another rheumatologist who I hoped would be familiar with autoimmune disorders. Following an extensive intake during my initial appointment, I found a place where the doctor also listened to me. Based upon my blood work, the doctor believes I have Sjogren’s Syndrome. She also made the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and pre-lupus. I’ve never heard of pre-lupus, but, hopefully it stays in the “pre” category.
Thank you for listening, each week I will have a new installment chronicling my journey- Which is now more frustrating than ever. I test positive for ANAs in my blood, but, the lupus tests are negative. There are several varieties of autoimmune disorders, with different caveats and health variations. It’s so frustrating because I’ve not yet found a doctor to say YES, Eureka! We know what’s wrong.
So, is autoimmune a One Size Fits All?
Someone recently asked me if I could take Humira for my autoimmune disorder. He has Rheumatoid Arthritis/Psoriatic Arthritis which is an autoimmune disease. He has such relief and success with Humira, he thought it could help me.
But, these diseases have unique traits and affect the body distinctively. Therefore, not all medicines will work.
For example, I took Plaquenil for several months, but, developed horrible aquagenic pruitis and water created a horrible inside out hives type itch. So, I stopped it, but, it wouldn’t treat the fibromyalgia and Sjogren’s anyway. Some research has shown using humira for Sjogren’s, but, the research is still ongoing. I currently take Lyrica, Cymbalta, amitriptyline, and my allergy medications because I’m highly allergic to almost everything outside.

However, with the Fibromyalgia, I will continue to exhibit and acquiesce to the fatigue, neuropathy, and the brain fog. I’ve found that I need a minimum of nine hours sleep most nights to feel rested the next day. Frequently, I’m fatigued by even a fast walk on the treadmill. By the end of the day, my pillow is sometimes the only thing I look forward to.
Yes, I HATE it.
I’m not a lazy person, but, these diseases combined make me feel that way. I’m slowly coming to terms with it. However, it takes my friends and family longer to understand it. Maybe it’s because this is an invisible illness, for the most part. I hope I can continue to feel a little bit better and I do the things that now make my life more “normal”. But, it takes time and a new routine.
I’ve started massages every two weeks. Yes, it cuts into the budget, but, the way my muscles became wadded up, I found the massage keeps them smoother and more pliable. It’s amazing! I found a massage school where the students perform the massage and the rates are much less expensive than a licensed masseuse. I just cannot afford it any other way. So, maybe you could check into massage schools for cheaper rates. Everyone can benefit from the medical benefits of massage therapy.
I will also stress the workout AGAIN. I don’t care how tired I am, at least 30 minutes of something helps reduce the fatigue and lethargy. Especially YOGA, it’s amazing for the stretching and breathing and muscle strength. I foam roll after every workout and that helps release pressure and lactic acid buildup.
These things take time and I don’t always want to do them. It’s a struggle to go up to the gym (which is in my office building- SCORE), but, I have no excuses. My message to you is keep going—whether it’s a new doctor, a new symptom, a new question, a new workout, a new medication, whatever it is. Don’t stop. You can get better. I went from 60% to 85% and that’s pretty good.
The lyrica and Cymbalta together gave me back a better attitude, less anxiety reaction, and a happier mood. That in itself is amazing.
Please, please feel free to comment, write, share. I hope to use this forum as a help to all of us, no matter what pain you are experiencing. You may also send stories to me via finlessbook at gmail dot com. I will respect your privacy and maintain your anonymity, if you so desire.
Hugs for today …

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Elise Hepner is Heating Things Up!

Title: Furious Temptation
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
For millennia Megaera, a Fury, has functioned as Hades right hand by passing judgment on demons who break the sacred laws. Stalwart in her  moral compass, but harboring a curse triggered by rage, she walks a thin line between perfection and destruction. But when she digs into a case  uncovering a string of demon rapes, she incites a war with Mount Olympus that could ripple chaos throughout the ages.

     Omen Cole was demon made during the Civil War after repeated torture at the hands of his enemies.  Sentenced to an eternity as watchdog over  his emotionally frail, once human ex-wife, he’s haunted that he couldn’t save her from a brutal assault.

    Now it’s happened again. And Megaera needs his testimony. Omen will sell his body—and anything else—to avenge his fragile ex-wife. If that means  an alliance with Megaera, he’ll make it the most memorable of their eternity.

Excerpt 1: “Give me a chance, you won’t regret it. You want out of this situation as much as we do. It would be more than worth your trouble, I would guarantee that for you.” His fingers skipped across my collarbone until my fingers shook at my sides and I shoved them onto the edge of the bookcase behind me. I held onto the antique wood and pain twisted up my wrists. But he didn’t move back. His lips remained poised against my ear, our hair mingled, and his fingers danced on the only expanse of naked flesh on my body.
“What are you talking about?”
“Don’t you know by now?”
I couldn’t see his eyes, but judging from his tone they were twinkling and bright with mischief. All the anger he’d been carrying, every stubborn action had been wiped away and replaced with misleading flirtation. And as much as I wanted to doubt him—he was good. Embarrassingly so. Omen’s every attention spanned into a gapping chasm of sex I’d all but put under lock and key. And then I swallowed that key. Yet his teasing voice, small bursts of air from his conversation, still licked across my skin in invisible caresses down my neck.
“Why don’t you tell me.”
If he was truly insinuating what I thought he was whispering in my ear under lock and key as my prisoner I wanted him to say the words. Because I couldn’t imagine he was desperate enough to make the proposition outright. While my fingers scrambled, I navigated the murkiness of my thoughts. If only he’d draw away. As if he meant to break me down bodily before making me take leave of my senses. With the knowledge of his manipulation came the tendrils of my anger that I’d been tamping down all day, trying to bank the embers. Suppression was a nasty business.
As sexy as he wanted this little meeting to be, I had a lovely secret weapon tucked in my pocketless skirt suit. My rage had never been my friend before, but if she would keep me from making a reckless mistake, right this second she was my BFF. Omen shifted as if he knew something between us had changed. Surely the atmosphere between us crackled with a different energy, one far more deadly than the reason I had wanted my hands wound around his neck.
“I’ll do anything you want, be anyone you want, if you give me this chance. Taking you into my bed would be far from a hardship. In fact, I’ll go farther. I can’t stop thinking about you beneath me. How well I’d love to treat your repressed little body so that my name echoes in your mind because you’ve been crying it out for so many hours. I’ll make this risk in the investigation merely a bump to get my attention, for as long as you’ll have me. And for both our sakes, I hope you keep me for a while. I don’t get bored easily.”
As his lies slid across my neck I did the first thing that came to mind. While he was lost in his seductive ploy, I lunged, wrapped my hand around his throat, and threw us both back onto the bed so I was straddling him, pinning both his hands above his head. For a beat I couldn’t recall whether or not my move was intentionally sexual or not—but here we were—and judging by his obnoxious smirk he had a fine idea.
But I only needed one hand to pin down his wrists, so I shifted in a blink and clasped my other hand around his throat, erasing his cocky expression, as if I’d drained the light from the room. His neutral expression held all the calculation of someone very, very careful. And though I’m sure he wished to, he didn’t move a muscle beneath me. Well, expect for the betrayal of his cock, which hardened between my thighs as my skirt rode up higher on my outer thighs and I tried my best to act as if I wasn’t enjoying our little moment together. I’d lose my high ground if I let the smallest moan slip. No matter how hard it was to ignore his pleasant pressure between my legs as his hard cock rubbed against my pussy.
I tried to remind myself I held all the cards when his gaze locked with mine. Neither of us spoke a word, waiting for my answer to his ludicrous proposition. He couldn’t be serious. Not when his charm and good looks got him in with my secretary as much as any other woman he’d seduced in his lifetime. I was one of many, of that I was certain. Even if he did look at me as if I was something special. And I’m sure he would have fought my silent accusations—if I’d given him room to speak.
“Even if for a second I didn’t see past your charade, Omen, I wouldn’t entertain the thought because it very clearly breaks several codes of ethics. But thanks, for the offer. I really, really appreciate it.”
With a look of smug wickedness I put emphasis into my words with every slow tilt of my hips against him as I held him immobile against his bed. His eyes flashed. Whether with anger or arousal I couldn’t care. Instead I slowly untangled us, tugged my skirt, and smoothed it with my hands. Omen lay on the bed as if I hadn’t gotten off of him. When he rubbed his neck with a few low noises in the back of his throat, I didn’t hold an ounce of guilt for my actions. Even if I still sensed him flush against my pussy.
“You still haven’t rejected my prior offer. Does that mean it’s off the table even without the incentive?”
“No. If it means making my job any easier I’ll allow you to see Claudette and follow your plan, but if it doesn’t work expect me to be beyond displeased. And you won’t enjoy me when I’m angry.”
“Oh, I don’t know. I think I can find many different ways to enjoy you.”
He half sat, leaning on his hands on the bed so I got a peek at his bare chest through the straining buttons of his button down which was rolled up at the sleeves. I crossed my arms and raised my eyebrows. I wasn’t so gullible to fall for his act. No man had wooed me before now and none would unless a group orgy was involved. Granted, what Omen was offering was very one on one—but he only offered his body as a substitute for manipulation. By taking him to my bed I’d be belaying a weakness in my character.
And I had many flaws, but weakness wasn’t one of them.
I silently reminded myself of that as Omen straightened up entirely before wincing at the tent of his pants. I wish I could have felt sorry for him, but my mind was otherwise occupied with our more pressing problem. His erection would go away eventually and I would continue dodging his roguish comments so long as the investigation lasted. If he didn’t get sentenced for Claudette’s crime then the possibility of entertaining him in a less formal capacity in my bedroom slunk around in the back of my mind—but the likelihood of that was slim.
As if Omen read my mind he smiled but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.
“How do we proceed?”
Excerpt 2:  Omen Cole would get nothing from me. Not when we’d be working together for Goddess knows how long. His grip on my bicep tightened imperceptibly, as if he wasn’t aware of his strength. Heat washed up my arm, as bitingly painful as any burn. But I didn’t flinch, tense, or move a muscle. Let him unleash his rage on me, at least then we’d be working with a clear-headed demon instead of one clouded by unbelievable rage.
“What do you want?” I narrowed my gaze, tongue easing across my bottom lip.
It wasn’t really a question, not as he backed me against the hard press of marble. Nowhere to go and no one to see us. Adrenaline pounded at my temples as his other hand took a hold of my other arm. I was as good as pinned by his body and his stare. I cocked my head, a subtle dare. The lift of my lips, only at one corner—come and get me.
“A distraction.”
Before I could make another comment, the small inch of space separating our bodies dwindled to nothing as he shoved himself on me, his lips bruising against mine as my whole body went limp with acceptance. Take, take from me for the good of our cause—a cause that suddenly outweighed all of my common sense once I’d convinced myself on the walk to the elevator that this form of distraction was exactly what he needed to keep himself on track. Not as though our plan benefited me in any way at all. Gave me an excuse. The excuse.
His tongue pushed against my mouth without invitation and I opened for his perusal knowing that, as his fingers tightened around me and pain spiked up to my shoulders, he wouldn’t give me a choice. Part of me—the beast, the anger—coiled inside me. An innate reaction to a predator as my hands slid up through his button down to have skin on skin. His first few buttons burst because I couldn’t get to him quick enough. I let myself dabble in the freedom of touch. In the longing for unshackled emotion of any kind—and my beast was sated, even as I yearned for more of him.
Our bodies molded together and he groaned in my mouth, easing his other hand to my left breast before he cupped me. His possessive touch was an electric shock to my system and I jerked against him. His laughter as he tugged my lower lip between his teeth and brought my nipple hard against his palm. A yearning unlike anything I’d ever acknowledged, nothing and everything shifted for me all at once as if a part of myself was merely waiting, dormant for the pleasure that would calm me and piece together my tormented puzzle.
When my fingers skimmed the line of his pants, he let out a satisfying hiss that made my panties damp as my stomach plummeted to my sensible heels. In kind, Omen brushed his thumb across my nipple, earning my small shift as if to get away from the torment despite the wall at my back. On the second pass, I did the next best thing. I left the teasing to amateurs. My hand slid past his pants and found his hard, long length hot against my palm. I squeezed him, unable to suppress a noise in the back of my throat that ricocheted inside my bones.
Omen moaned and mumbled something I couldn’t make out with the sound of my need pounding against my temples. As his hand moved from my bicep I tried to pinpoint his next move. Oh, so wrong. His nimble fingers tipped my head back with his tight grip in my hair so it stung enough to get my attention. He underestimated me. I wasn’t losing this battle.
Despite my small groan, lips partway open, eyes slit while I watched his expression flit from one emotion to the next. Nothing stopped my progress when my palm slid from the base of him to the tip, one hard, long slide that made him quake against me. He yanked my head back even further. His grip on my breast was relentlessly hard and he bared his teeth in a smile that rocked me to my core.
“You haven’t gone for the obvious point yet.” I struggled to exhale, every bit of me trembled, and my voice was gravely with lust.
“Unlike you, I don’t need to cheat.” He drew close to my cocked back head as our lips almost pressed together, our body heat mingling as he ground himself against my palm. “For another time.”
His light kiss caught me by surprise—but the swiftness with which he entangled from me must have hurt, as I was still very much attached to him. Even from practically across the room he showed no pain. Though his pants were a bit constricted at the fly and that bit of discomfort was enough of a hit for me that I was satisfied.
“I wasn’t distraction enough for you?”
“No, you were perfect. I simply can’t stand the idea of using you up so quickly. Even if I do want to fuck you into the wall behind your back until you can’t walk straight for a week. But a gentleman doesn’t tell his superior that, especially when she’s a lady of good breeding. So you think on that, and I’ll pretend I didn’t say it out loud. Wouldn’t want to give you any ideas you couldn’t handle.”
“I can handle far more than you know, little boy.”
“Oh, now, come on.” He gave me an incredulous, cocky look. “We both know I’m not little. The warmth tingling on your palm speaks for itself.”
Thankfully before I had the chance to lick my lips and tip my hand, the elevator’s telltale wind pushed us both a bit to the side. The car came to a standstill with barely a screech of effort and the golden, shimmering doors pulled back as I fought to regain some kind of composure. I was buzzed from the tips of my toes to the top of my scalp. It took everything in me to wipe the dopey grin off my face that would have proved it as I moved into the elevator car without another glance or word to Omen. I only knew he followed me because he greeted Hermes and told him to take us to the archival room.
Point. Set. Match.
And there would be no rematch.
Bio: Elise Hepner lives with her husband and two eccentric cats in Maryland. She spends the majority of her free time in her basement office concocting smutty characters and sinful situations that leaves readers satisfied. When not writing, she researches everything from automatons in the 18th century to gladiatorial rules in Ancient Rome. She prides herself on being an avid information hound as well as a blog reading addict--which is her favorite way to procrastinate. Her previous publications include books and stories with Entangled, Excessica, Xcite, Ellora's Cave, Secret Cravings Publishing and Cleis Press.
Author Links:

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Tuesday Tales - Spring Break from the Mountains

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers and welcome to this weeks' Tuesday Tales. This week our group is writing to a beautiful picture prompt. It's only 300 words, no more no less. There's no telling where we will take you in such a short time. I'm taking you to Caleb. His best friend and business partner, Owen Guthrie, was in a terrible accident. Caleb is driving to the hospital with a barrage of baggage invading his mind. So, please absorb the following picture and prompt:

Caleb hit the road with thoughts running rampant in misguided directions. He never imagined a life without his best friend and had never wanted to. Being young, life was folding out in front of them. They had more fish to catch, camping to do, mountains to climb, and families to make. Owen never deserved the pain he suffered, and it seemed he was finally coming to terms with the responsible, pensive man his childhood molded him to be.
They talked about building a cabin in the mountains and extending their operation beyond Oklahoma. So many negative memories haunted Owen and as much as he loved his home, it was also an emotional prison. Caleb knew this, and he accepted it. Someday Owen would move away and break free. Owen was an excellent guide, tracker, and businessman. Caleb thought how much Owen did and immediately felt guilty.
I’ve left him to pick up my slack. I took advantage of his good nature. What kind of friend have I been? So many things came in to take me away from the business we built together.
What shape was he in? Owen would never exist- living included more than just taking breaths. Caleb fast forwarded to the recovery process. Could Owen walk, talk? Not knowing consumed Caleb and he had to set cruise control to keep from breaking speeding laws. Owen finally broke away and staying with Pearl and Mr. Richard gave Owen a new confidence that Morgan almost took away.
Maybe Morgan breaking up with Owen was what he really needed to move forward.
Should he call her? Of course she would want to know. They were lifelong friends, after all. But he probably should wait until he got to the hospital and give her an accurate update on Owen’s condition.

Now that you've read my 300 on this beautiful mountain scene, please visit our main Tuesday Tales page for more interpretations.Tuesday Tales MAIN PAGE

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Wouldn't You Like to be a Brony Too? It's the Beautiful Tara Sivec

Welcome to The Locker and a special feature. I had the awesome opportunity to attend and volunteer at the Houston Author Event, hosted by Emily Lalone, owner of Lalone Marketing. I met ten amazing authors and I want to introduce them to you too.
I spent quite a bit of time with her during the day and her genuine down to earth, funny personality really shines.

Today, meet the dynamite Tara Sivec. She is a USA Today best-selling author, wife, mother, chauffeur, maid, short-order cook, baby-sitter, and sarcasm expert. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children and looks forward to the day when they all three of them become adults and move out.
After working in the brokerage business for fourteen years, Tara decided to pick up a pen and write instead of shoving it in her eye out of boredom. She is the author of the Playing with Fire series On Goodreads and the Chocolate Lovers series On Goodreads Her novel Seduction and Snacks 

 won first place in the Indie Romance Convention Reader’s Choice Awards 2013 for Best Indie First Book.

In her spare time, Tara loves to dream about all of the baking she’ll do and naps she’ll take when she ever gets spare time.

She is the author of numerous best sellers and just keeps 'em coming. Please give Tara a warm reception and if you haven't had a chance--please check her out!!

Following is my review of Passion and Ponies-

Book Review *****snowflakes- yes folks 5!
Passion and Ponies by Tara Sivec – Book 2 of Chocoholics Series
I enjoyed Passion and Ponies better than Love and Lists. I relished the more detailed story line, and it was the plot that kept me reading, not the comic banter. This help give this read a 5 star rating for me.
This book actually made Ava lovable and turned her from a bitchy shrew to a savvy girlfriend. The unique tale that weaves Ava together with Tyler demonstrates that no matter how eccentric the person, deep down the compassion and friendship are the basis for a successful romantic union. Tyler gives this to Ava and completely changes her overall opinion that he is not just a quirky, silly guy with a fetish for none other than My Little Pony. He has a deep perspective and supports her desire for something outside the lines of her family’s expectations. He helps her chart the course for her business dreams and demonstrates how successful she can be. I think coloring outside the lines most of his life with his strange fetishes helps him be more accepting and supportive of anyone marching to the beat of their own drum.
This tight knit group has a wonderful story to tell and Tara takes creative freedom to places we never thought about and makes us laugh. What’s even better is the basis for what Tara writes is an actual phenomenon….BronyCon.
When you are ready to read something to clear the angst from your reading palette, take a chance on Passion and Ponies. It will make you smile and give you the energy to jump back into the drama we call contemporary romance and all the roads the stories lead us down. It certainly got me ready to read my next dark drama.

Author Erin Noelle

Welcome to The Locker and a special feature. I had the awesome opportunity to attend and volunteer at the Houston Author Event, hosted by Emily Lalone, owner of Lalone Marketing. I met ten amazing authors and want to introduce them to you too.
Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. While earning her degree in History, she rediscovered her love for reading that was first instilled by her grandmother when she was a young child. A lover of happily-ever-afters, both historical and current, Erin is an avid reader of all romance novels. She has recently self-published her first novel, Metamorphosis, which hit both USA Today and Amazon best-selling lists, and is currently working on the sequel, Ambrosia, to be released later in 2013. Most nights you can find her cuddled up in bed with her husband, her Kindle in hand and a sporting event of some sorts on television. You can follow her on Facebook @ and follow her on Twitter @enoelleauthor.
Check out her gorgeous website -

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Tuesday Tales is a Little Sour to go with Sweet

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. I introduce you to a brand new spicy WIP I have going. My new series is entitled, The Fantasy Leagues.  Our prompt today is the word "lemon", and I will be adding some humor to the fruity word. Take a look:

“Seriously, I'll squirt lemon juice in your eye if you don't leave me alone.” I was not in the mood for tomfoolery. Tomfoolery? I like it, I must use it again soon, but out loud next time.
“Aww, don’t be like that, kitten.” Martin Matthew McDonald looked at me over the rim of his coffee mug. “Let me drink my coffee in peace and then I’ll leave, I promise.”
Why did you sleep over, again? Please refresh my memory.” I rubbed at my temples then added agave nectar to my tea.
“After the third go round with Hook, I was spent. You showed me mercy since I showed you such a good time.”
“Marty, it’s a little immature to refer to your penis by a nickname. But, yea, that’s right.”
“I’m not the only man out there giving a name to his magnificent member. By the way, sweet cheeks, there’s absolutely nothing emotional attached to my adult sleep over.”
“You can say that again, Marty.” I’ve always called him Marty. He was named after his father and it creeped me out to use his given name.
“Do I really have to?”
I gave him The Look. “Really, dude, it’s way too freaking early for humor. That’s strictly reserved for after regulation brunch times.”
“Look, kitten, I only see you once every couple of months, can’t you bench the bitchy? Or, at least pretend you like me being here until I leave.”
“How would you know I was pretending after you leave? Then, you might wonder if I was pretending the whole time, you know like faking it.”
“What makes you use a word like brunch anyway? Who has brunch these days?”
I ignored his question. People still have brunch, don’t they? “Well, here’s the deal, I’ve got to get to work soon. It’s draft day and you know how busy that gets.”
“I wouldn’t exactly know, I must take your word for it. You never let me help.” Marty took a longer sip of the now cooled coffee.
“Not mixing my personal friendships with business. It would never turn out well, and since I enjoy our bi-monthly sex summit, you will stay far away from my daily grind.”

 please check out our other talented authors' take on the citrusy delight- Lemon!

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Saturday Sippers with Rebecca Donovan!

Saturday Sippers in The Locker
Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to the feature here in The Locker called Saturday Sippers. Oh my goodness, today, THIS Saturday, April 5th, I will have Bubbles with Rebecca Donovan. That is champagne with a beautiful and talented author!  
Right after the Houston Author event, for a half hour, in the bar at the hotel, Rebecca would like to treat the assisting bloggers to some champagne and spend some one-on-one time with us. We can ask her whatever we like, about the industry, about herself, about what bands she's just seen, about what she's writing, or about nothing at all and just spend some down time with her.
My question to you dear readers: What would you ask you favorite author?
Champagne! That’s the drink of today.
Stay tuned here in The Locker because beginning Monday, I’ll have 2 weeks of giveaways!

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Life with Sjogren's and Fibromyalgia - Just Keep Swimming...

Good morning!!  I’ve decided to use my blog not only to writing, music, and other facets of entertainment, but, also to share my journey. I’ve had significant health problems for almost two years. Initially, my rheumatologist diagnosed me with systemic lupus (SLE) on June 19, 2013. However, the medication wasn’t working and I kept getting worse and developing new symptoms. So, after second, third, and fourth opinions, my neurologist believes instead I have fibromyalgia. 
Thank you for listening, each week I will have a new installment chronicling my journey. Please, please feel free to comment, write, share. I hope to use this forum as a help to all of us, no matter what pain you are experiencing. You may also send stories to me via finlessbook at gmail dot com. I will respect your privacy and maintain your anonymity, if you so desire.
Hugs for today …
The update today is a third consult with a rheumatologist. I needed someone in my local area as my primary rheumy and just not sure the first one I had is the right choice. But, I think I found my medical “home” yesterday.
After taking a lengthy history with the nurse practitioner, I met with the doctor. She ordered labs to check levels of blood and urine. The doctor gave me the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s,  and possible pre-lupus. I can deal with this and it seems most logical for the correct diagnosis and treatment path. 
Pre-lupus? It is possible that all the symptoms of extreme fatigue, muscle aches, foot and hand pain, and dry skin/hair/lips (can someone hook me up with a lifetime supply of Burt’s Bees?) are actually just Sjogren’s and not lupus at all. Sjogren’s is also an auto-immune disease.
Unsure what pre-lupus would be, I once again set about on the internet search for such a thing. Fortunately, most of information reveals that a person with lupus may develop fibromyalgia, but, usually not the reverse. So, that’s a blessing.
The doctor also added Cymbalta 

Cymbalta Link
 to my daily dose of pills. I took one yesterday and one today, cannot yet tell how this will affect me. I will say I feel an element of calm that I haven’t felt before. Not sure what that is- whether it’s the Cymbalta or just a mood thing for me. I’ll monitor. I return to this doctor in 3 weeks for the lab results and an update on the new meds.

Something she did tell me, as did my neurologist. People with fibromyalgia MUST EXERCISE! Painful or not, those muscles must be worked to avoid atrophy and maybe even further damage. You cannot sit life out in pain and do nothing if you expect to feel better. A pill won’t do it, you must move. Take yoga, pilates, the dog for a walk, dance a little bit. But, please do something. My body yells at me every day for moving, but, my brain is the boss of this train. Once I’ve moved around, I do actually feel better and less constricted.
Something else that I know now for a fact works wonders is a massage with focus on myofacial release. I know it’s expensive and not covered by most insurance, but, I found a blessing with massage! I actually had more flexibility in yoga just one day later! I was so excited. I also found a massage school convenient for me in the Dallas area and the prices are so affordable. I can cut something frivolous from the budget to afford regular massages at the school.
Well, time to go more work to do, books to write, books to read, and reviews to finish.
Hugs for today!