Tuesday Tales Will Telling the Truth Doom Love?

Happy Fall Tuesday Tales... Today, I return to my current WIP, a Game of Inches, for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week we write to the beautiful picture prompt below. Three hundred words...what can I set up for you? Will Lola tell Marty the truth?

“I love living here. I had to move far enough away the memories of you couldn’t haunt me.”
“A breathtaking view.”
I imagined his place in the summertime, when the waxy leaves shone a bright green, glistening from the reflections off the water. I imagined what it would look like covered in snow, quietly falling with a fire roaring in the living room. I imagined pulling a sheet of freshly baked cookies out of the oven, setting them on the counter to cool. I imagined everything in sixty long seconds I was doomed to never have.
Marty moved cautiously, remaining behind the sofa. Apparently, an unnecessarily heavy sleigh sofa would keep me away. He completely underestimated my ninja skills. “Lola, I’m shocked you visited me. Can you please just get it out of the way? You said you need my help.”
My brain reminded my libido we had a serious discussion to undertake. Suddenly, I was glad the couch was between us. He might slap me if I stood too close. “It’s difficult to explain. It’s me that needs help, but, I’m asking as more of a favor for someone else.”
“Shit, Lola, do you have a friend who wants to meet me and you are the go between? This has a sweaty gym socks and chalkboard smell to it.”
“I know I sound like some high school drama queen.”
“If you know it isn’t appealing, why do you do it? We aren’t in high school. You and I have done things I hope high school girls don’t do.”

Dear Lord, please be with me. This will be tougher than I imagined. He has no clue I learned some of my best moves while still in high school. “I’m going to tell you some things about me you won’t like.”

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Ooh, Davee, love this. Such lovely description, and her life sounds fascinating. I can't wait to see what she tells him.
V.L. Locey said…
Wow!That was great. I cannot wait to see what she tells him.
Anonymous said…
What? WHAT? You can't stop there! Bad Davee, teasing us like that.
Great scene!
Jean Joachim said…
Wow! What a powerful scene! And I can't wait to find out what she's going to tell him. You're such a tease.

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