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Today, I move to book two of my current WIP, A Game of Inches, for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week we write, to the word prompt "flower". 

“Irony huh? I also went to see my mom. She is now hoarding jigsaw puzzles. However, we came to a mutual understanding, so, I’m looking past all the pieces scattered around in her house. They give her a feeling of completion not normally occurring in her reality. I get it.”
“Only with you could I be so dumbfounded.”
“You could never be dumb, Eugene, it’s why I hired you.”
“A figure of speech, I intended dumbfounded as a figure of speech.”
“So, here’s the deal. I will be really out of commission for a few weeks. I have a legit reason. I don’t trust anyone else to run Fantasy Leagues. Will you please stay with me to see this through and start basketball?”
“Lola, just when I think I can walk away from you, both middle fingers standing proudly, you throw in a curve ball.”
“You’re helping me become a better person. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re my rock.” I heaped on the praise, attempting to bring humor to an otherwise uncomfortable conversation.
“You’re using your safe word again.”
“Stop with the bullshit.”
“Does that mean you’ll consider helping me?”
“Let me know what the tests reveal. I already told you I’d finish football. I’ll make a decision about basketball after I know what you’re plans are for medical leave.”
“I appreciate you so much…”
“Callipygian. Stop with the gushing. I hate it.”
“Fine, so, guess this conversation is over?”
“One thing. What happens if you aren’t a match? What about her biological father?”
“Cali-pie-gee-ann…I’m throwing your safe word back at you.”
Maybe I’m a horrible friend for hanging up on Lola, I chose to call it tough love. What did she expect, I’d give her a flower? She had no right to worry all of us the way she did then bounce back expecting everything to be all normal. I wasn’t jealous, I was concerned. Huge difference.
The feeling of dread lifted immediately when I heard her voice. Anger followed suit when I found out she hadn’t been abducted. Knowing she had access to contact me pissed me off, she also hurt my heart. Did she not care enough to check in with me? I suppose I lost rank in the realm of importance. She told me in the beginning not to expect much, I assumed we got past her hesitations.
I paced the floor determined not to call her back. I hung up for a reason. I stared at my phone, willing her to reach out…apologize. Maybe she would show up at my door, draw me in close, whisper amends into my ear. Her soft silky hair would brush my face, comforting me. I couldn’t deny how much I wanted to kiss her again. Her soft lips and silken tongue with the tentative probing. Not stiff and prodding like some awkward man kiss.
I was in lust with Lola, she mesmerized me.
She also deserted me.
Finn ran away from me.
My phone rang, and my heart skipped two beats. I would take either one of them right now. My fragile confidence tank needed a refill. Afraid to look, I cautiously turned my phone over. Great.
“Hi mom, what’s up?”
“Dr. Parker, I wonder if you are free for a wild evening of moonlighting work?”
“I guess so.”
“Why do you sound so down? Are you sick, tired, overworked?”
“I’m good, just moody I suppose. Late blooming PMS is a bitch.”
“Dust yourself off, nothing like bloodstains to take your mind off PMS. If anything always remember, you are better off than the person we clean up after.”
“Mom, you have such a twisted way of looking at humanity.”
“My twisted view pays the bills. The inevitable keeps me in business. Can you be ready to go in twenty minutes?”
“Sure, come get me.”

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I liked your use of 'flower'. Another interesting snippet.

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