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Happy Hot Tuesday and another edition of Tuesday Tales. Today, I return to my current WIP, Multiple Scorgasms for my Fantasy Leagues series. This week we write to the word prompt "bloom".
It's exciting because I'm so close to the end of writing this first book. Which means, it will retire from Tuesday Tales. I may get one or two more out of it. :) I'll just have to wait and see.

I incessantly banged on the door and rang the doorbell in tandem. I had my fist in mid-air when the door jerked open by a very disheveled Lola cocooned in a sheet gritting her teeth. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I was worried.”

“As you can see I’m still alive.”

I noticed her wrists and alarm pinged my gut. “What happened to your wrists? Are you here alone?” I advanced to the threshold, the investigator took over.

“I’m here alone. I’m fine. I want to be left alone and go back to bed.” She shooed me away with her arm and tried to re-wrap the slipping sheet.

“No, I’m not leaving.” I stormed past her dim protests and took up the battle in her foyer. “You might as well close the door because I’m not leaving right away.”

She slowly closed the door and leaned forward into it. “I don’t know what happened.”

“Where did you go today?”

“Nowhere, I’ve been here in bed all day.”

“Have you eaten or drank anything?”

“I’ve had some water, that’s about it.”

“Are you sick? Have you had a fever?”

“This is a fucking interrogation, not a well-visit. Would you give it a rest?”

“I know, I’m sorry, but, geez, Lola, you look rough.”

“I feel like I’ve been stomped by a bull.” Her gaze perked up and she smiled. “I see that Finn is your date this week.” She changed the subject and having mercy on her, I allowed it. 

“It’s pretty awesome huh?”

“Yes, I’m very happy for you.” She walked into the living area and sat down on the couch. I followed. “I’m sorry I didn’t give you the word myself. Eugene has been holding the work fort down for me this week.”

“Hey, you needed to take some personal time, and from what I’ve seen this is the only personal time he has."

“You’re perceptive.”

“So, are you gonna tell me about those marks?”

Lola exhaled and tears filled her eyes- a sight that had become sadly commonplace. “I can’t tell you anything about them. The last thing I remember I took some allergy meds and I woke up this way.”

“Would you consent to a rape kit?”

“Hell no! The shape I’m in is my own damn fault, not someone else’s.”

“It doesn’t mean you deserve any of this, Lola.”

“I’m sure I did something to provoke whoever ruffled my feathers.”

“You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for.” I reached out and stroked her shoulder.
Lola suddenly lunged like a hungry animal and pressed her lips onto mine. She tasted of fresh mint mouthwash and desperation. My insides tightened and reflexively, my mouth opened to receive her tongue. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer. She ran her fingers under my hair and rested them on the back of my neck. I returned the curious kiss with interest and innocent love. I finally pulled away.
“Lola, what are you doing?” I whispered the question with a gentle smile.

“I don’t know, Danika. I love you, but, I don’t know how to love someone without sex involved.”

I hugged her and pressed her head onto my chest and stroked her hair. “Lola, at first, I thought of you like another mother, you know someone to watch over me and guide me. Then, I thought of you like a sister, someone to have my back through thick and thin. But, finally, I came to think of you as all those things into what people consider a lifelong best friend. I love you deeply. All these months of talking to you and sharing with you. I need you in my life.”

“I feel the same way. How come I couldn’t articulate it the way you did?”

“I’ve learned from the best…you.”

“I’m sorry I pounced on you.”

“I didn’t mind, you’re a very good kisser. But, I think we are better as besties than lovers.”

“You are so understanding, I appreciate that. You made me bloom, what else could I do?”

“It’s what besties do. It’s crazy, you’ve shown me how to do romantic love and now, I’ll show you how to love on a platonic level.”

“That sounds so formal.”

“It isn’t, trust me.” I kept stroking her hair and I kissed the top of her head. “You are a fabulous kisser, don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.”

“Thanks babe.”

“Now, will you please tell me what’s going on?”

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Oooh, yes what the heck is going on? I want to know too! Interesting scene.
V.L. Locey said…
I`m with Flossie. I want to know as well!
Stefan Ellery said…
that was intense and what the heck happened to her.
Iris Blobel said…
Not wanting it to sound like a broken record, but what has happened?
AND well done on the dialogue.

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