Is That a Mirror? What Do You See? Hopefully not Maleficent....

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. I introduce you to a  brand new WIP I have going to spice up my resume. This book is entitled Nights Under Shining Armor. Our prompt today is a beautiful picture.  It fits perfectly in my contemporary romance, plot lined around the sensational show, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Please enjoy my 300 words:

“I don’t know a thing about the Renaissance period. But, the clothes are cool.” Audrey Ryan lifted her skirt away from her feet and did a slight pirouette in the dressing room.

“Do you really want this job?” Her best friend, Kate Simmons handled another dress hanging on a loaded rack of costumes.

The entire back room was filled with smocks in a variety of colors. Surcoats with specific crests emblazoned on them represented different houses of the knights. Gowns, hoods, capes, and petticoats hung in order by size and like designs. Several mirrors adorned a long line of costume and make-up stations. The height-adjustable chairs would soon be filled with employees transforming into medieval residents.

“If being a serving wench will pay my rent, then, I’m up for the challenge.” Audrey positioned a veil atop her head and studied the look.

“If you show more cleavage, maybe you’ll get bigger tips.” Kate shrugged her shoulders and batted her eyelashes.

“This is a family show, Kate. It’s not like Hooters or something.” Audrey disappeared into a private dressing room. 

Kate raised her voice for Audrey’s benefit behind the closed door. “Maybe you’ll run into a cute knight and you can play damsel in distress.”

“I don’t do distressed, and I don’t need rescued.” Audrey retorted, distaste dripped from her words. 
“Besides they have a strict no fraternization policy and I don’t need some guy to ruin my chances for a paycheck.”

“Okay…I know, you are the rugged female carving your place successfully in the world on your own. I’m the trusty sidekick who will remind you of your need to actually have a personal life.”

Audrey emerged, dressed in her street clothes. “I don’t know what I’d do without you, Katy-girl. You remind me I’m semi-human.”

“Yep, I’ll always will.”

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Iris B said…
Nice start of your new story. Can't wait where it leads!
morgan said…
I like the interaction/dialogue between the two. It has an authentic feel. :)
V.L. Locey said…
I`m liking this new story! Can`t wait to see what happens next.
Sarah Cass said…
Such a cute scene! I love the playful dialogue between them, it's clear they're very good friends!!
kathleen ball said…
LOL it's not hooters!!
Lindsay said…
Love the playful banter between the two.
Jean Joachim said…
Love the banter between the friends. Great scene of strong girl denying her humanity, but being reminded by her friend.
SherryGLoag said…
You've drawn me into your new story.
Jillian said…
love it. I want to work there. Right up my alley. Can't wait for the story to continue.
S.E said…
love the banter between your two characters
Anonymous said…
This has the beginnings of another wonderful story. The characters play off one another well and the setting is great. Perfect for this prompt too.

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