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Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week's Tuesday Tales prompt is the word "sun". Please see how I use "sun" in my new WIP erotic romance, Sexy Bea Spelling. Our heroine, Bea, uses a week to lose her inhibitions, but, did she lose her heart as well?

Take a peek at Sexy Bea Spelling-

“Just tell me one thing, Bea, did you allow your bed to get messy last week?”
“Yes, Craig, I certainly did.” Bea looked dreamily away out the office window. A contented sigh escaped her slightly parted lips. “But, I’m not on vacay anymore, so, let’s get busy. My time to be lazy has passed.”
In the bland office atmosphere, they continued reviewing complaints, scheduling surprise site visits, and wrapping up documentation on other cases. Bea typed furiously on her keyboard, looking up only to answer a handful of phone calls. Finally cracking her knuckles around lunchtime, her rumbling stomach reminded her to eat. “Hey, Craig, did you bring lunch or can you head out?”
“I brought something, but, I don’t mind joining you. Tammy made a most excellent lasagna last night.”
“Oh, she did? You didn’t bring me any? You know how much I love Tammy’s cooking.”
“We ate it all, her parents came over, I was lucky to get enough for me today. Why don’t you come over tonight? She is cooking again, and you can tell us both about your raunchy time away. Maybe it will rev her engine a little bit, if you know what I mean.” Craig slid off his suit jacket, preparing for the Texas summer sunshine.
“C’mon Romeo, I’ll grab something quick and we can eat outside on the patio.” Bea jangled her keys from her purse. “Alright, I’ll come over for supper. Your house is a better happy hour anyway. It’s filled with good smells, good moods, and no bullshit.”
“You think toddlers smell good? You’re losing it. For the record, that’s not bovine feces in the house either, it’s their diapers, and it does smell.”
“Ha ha, buddy, you’re funny.”
Advancing onto the heavily traveled street, Bea kept her eyes on the road, all the while listening to Craig’s chatter about his toddler aged twins. Noticing new construction just off the freeway, Bea interrupted his latest parenthood tale. “What is going up there?” She pointed across the passenger side.
“I have no idea. We haven’t gotten a complaint on it yet.” Craig laughed and shrugged his shoulders.
Bea shot him an exasperated look. “You are horrible.” She slowed down a little, taking in the large temporary sign standing in front of the building. Whizzing by, she only retained the bottom bolded line- Another Andrew Goode Project. “No way!”
“No way what, I’m not horrible?”
“It cannot be possible, of course it’s not a name like Smith or Jones, but there’s gotta be a ton of Goode’s out there, right?”
“What the hell are you blabbering about, Bea?”
“There are over six million people in this entire metroplex, surely it’s a coincidence.” Bea took the next exit, lined with convenience stores and fast food restaurants. “Does it matter to you where we eat?”
“Bea, I have my lunch, what’s wrong with you? Why did that construction project rattle your chain?”
“Oh, that’s right, I need to get mine to go.” She pulled into a deli. “This place has outdoor seating, we can just stay here, ok?” Absentmindedly, she got out of the car and raced inside.
Craig followed closely behind. “You aren’t getting off that easily, spill your guts. You’ve written citations on linebacker sized construction foremen, so, what about a damn building in progress has you acting like such a girl?”
“Alright, here’s the deal. I had a sort of one week stand.” Bea studied the menu board, never engaging Craig’s eye contact.
"Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on our word prompt "sun". 

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Iris B said…
Aha! I have a feeling that one-night stand is close by. :-)
V.L. Locey said…
I think Iris may be right!
Sarah said…
Oh goody. Why do I have a feeling her one-week stand is very close by?
Lindsay said…
You've got my attention with the last part of this scene.
kathleen ball said…
I agree with Iris-
Jillian said…
I'm with Iris and Kathleen!! Good job on this!!
Tricia Andersen said…
It'd be even better if the one night stand showed up at the deli... ;)
Jean Joachim said…
Leaving us there? Damn! I kept reading, looking for the rest of hte story. Am intrigued by this tale and sucked in. I hope you intend to continue it.
S.E said…
I'm looking forward to the next part.

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