Saturday Sippers in The Locker - pre bday edition

Saturday Sippers in The Locker
Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to the feature here in The Locker called Saturday Sippers. Each week I’ll post a new skinny cocktail recipe for you to try. Many thinks to my Cali Bestie, Rhonda, for providing me with the deck of cards recipe book. J
Soooo, my birthday falls smack dab in between two Saturdays. How lame is my birthday on a Wednesday? Does this mean I get to celebrate both weekends, as the timing is equitable? I say Yes! To properly recognize such a monumental event as a birthday, I present my top ten favorite drinks. Some of these are alcohol free because I can’t be blotto all the time. I drink water daily, trying for at least the recommended 64 ozs, but, I won’t include that on the list, because, it’s a gimme.  
10.  Ocean Water from Sonic
9.  Blackberry tea from Chilis
8.  Green chile beer from Tommyknockers Brewery
7.  Grandma’s Iced Tea
6.  Dirty Martini, extra olives
5.  Gin and Tonic, extra lime
4.  Coconut Latte from Starbucks, Venti, extra coconut
3.  Beer margaritas
2.  R.C. Cola
1.  (real) Cherry and Lime Dr. Pepper from Sonic or Braums

4 bottles Miller Chill beer
1 can frozen limeaid
¾ can of tequila (using the limeaid can)

Mix all ingredients well and pour into a red Solo cup at the campground. Prepare for a quick good time. Chase with ibuprofen and Sudafed.


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