Reflected in You by Sylvia Day - Review

Reflected in You by Sylvia Day


Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Today in The Locker I offer my book review for Reflected in You by Sylvia Day. I read this book rather quickly, finishing it in a couple of days. The book held my interest as I read.

I looked forward to the sequel of Bared to You, the Cary situation left me hanging waiting for this installment. I cared about him and it concerned me how he would come out of the situation that ended the first book in this series. I almost felt there was more character development for Cary than there was between Eva and Gideon.

Eva and Gideon shared several hot scenes. However, I appreciated that instead of more sex scenes, this book had more situations that did not revolve around sex. For me, a book needs to have sex to add to the storyline, not BE the storyline. Otherwise, that’s just cheesy porn. Eva and Gideon had more discussions and shared more intimacies with conversation and I liked that aspect. My favorite was the beach house portion of the book, they connected and I felt the love between them.

When it came to the stepbrother, Nathan, I liked he got what he deserved by the end. It bothered me that Eva’s mom knew Nathan was in town and didn’t tell Eva. When Eva finally found out her mother knew, they never addressed the issue, and ignored it completely. Why would her mother not warn her? Why did Eva just let that go? Instead of treating Eva like an adult, many around her want to shield her from reality when that is completely irresponsible. Gideon does this as well, making me doubt their relationship will ever work.

I did appreciate how Ms. Day wrote in the scene between Eva’s father, Victor and her mother. I felt the tension and the unrequited love they shared. I also felt the sorrow and it broke my heart of this example of how love is not always enough. But, it does make Eva’s mother appear to be a greedy shrew- choosing money over true love. Not an admirable trait in my book; however, it happens all the time in this world.

I love the introduction of Brett in to the equation. As a formidable opponent for Eva’s love, he just might give Gideon a run for his money. Brett did write a song for Eva…and Golden is worth Gideon’s millions in my book. I appreciate he is not letting go of Eva so easily.

The ending of the book felt rushed and all this buildup to Gideon’s past and abuse took up all of a couple of pages. Really??  This is a huge part of his emotional, relationship, and mental health and the final revelation was trite and hurried over.

A couple of housekeeping issues. It may not occur on everyone’s download, but, I kept getting this header title and broken line across several pages throughout the book. Must have been a formatting glitch? I know this occurs occasionally and did not lend to my final opinion of the book. The other issue is the price. I do not believe this installment was worth 9.99. I received an Amazon gift card, the only reason I bought the book at this time. These first two books could have easily been one.

Overall I give this book 3 snowflakes. I enjoyed it, but, feel lukewarm about the characters and their outcome.


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