Bigfoot is in The Locker for Tuesday Tales

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday and time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I take you  to the second in my Critter Getter series, WIP, Finding Love and Bigfoot.   I present the word prompt, "green":

"Leandra perched once again with her laptop investigating her new obsession- Bigfoot. “Did you know there have been sightings all over the country?” She asked Kalista, while chomping on a green apple candy rod. “Owen was right, the only place not having a sighting is Hawaii.”

“Old-fashioned stick candy, huh? What gives…where’s your stash?” Kalista demanded, her focus obviously toward something sweeter than internet surfing. “Got a root beer one?” She rooted around in a kitchen drawer. “All that’s in here is miscellaneous receipts, some take out menus, and random batteries.”

“Nope, they are in the cabinet, behind the ramen noodles. I figured they would be safe there since you rarely eat those.” Leandra jokingly gave up her hiding spot.

“You just think you’re sneaky. I would have figured it out.” She walked toward her best friend, partially unwrapping the vacuumed sealed cellophane, uncovering the top-half of the light brown treat. The almost dreamy, sated look on her face spoke volumes of delight. “Taste bud heaven…” she warbled around the simple pleasure firmly entrenched in her mouth. “Where’d you get these again?”

“The little store up the street has them…tons of flavors. Now, I just gotta figure out which ones you don’t like.” Leandra almost smirked, continuing to tease her best friend.

“Like it’s possible to find one I wouldn’t like. Try, girlfriend, just try.”        

“I’ll just find a better hiding place.” Leandra redirected her attention to the online research. “This Bigfoot phenomenon is wildly popular. There are tons of TV shows and everything. It’s the new reality craze.”

“Duck Dynasty, move over.” Kalista hooked her thumb in an outta here move. “Okay, you and Owen both said every state has had sightings. How come we never heard of anything in Illinois?”

“I don’t know, probably because we had our heads buried in books and facts. There have even been reports in Cook County. So, not just our state, bestie, but the county we lived in.”

“Bigfoot in Chicago, Illinois? That’s preposterous.”

""Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on the word prompt "green". 


triciaandersen said…
I love the banter between them - the one interested in Bigfoot and the other in candy. And the idea of seeing Bigfoot in Chicago...I'm intrigued!
V.L. Locey said…
I am a huge fan of good banter and this post had it! Big Foot in the Windy City could be quite interesting. =)
Tai Vicari said…
I love how you bring the reader in the midst of the characters. And I would never look behind the ramen noodles either. LOL. So Big Foot in Illinois? I wonder if he'll pop up again.
An Open Book said…
I can almost feel myself sitting there watching these two talk!
Great scene
Iris B said…
Great post - loved the conversation between these two!
Lindsay said…
Never watched Duck Dynasty or any of the Bigfoot shows but I love the banter between the two characters

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