Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do You Believe in Ghosts? Tuesday Tale

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday and time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I take you again to my new paranormal thriller WIP, Blue Ink-the Skin Stalker For our journey to the unknown, I present the word prompt "ghost".

“What the hell?” Sascha’s mate uttered fearfully.
“It’s just the wind, Maria. Go back to sleep.” Sascha urged as she rubbed her lover’s shoulders.
“Why am I burning? Look at these spots on my stomach.” Maria bent forward to examine herself. “The wind didn’t do this.”
“I’ve got them too. Maybe they are spider bites?” Sascha offered disdainfully.
“I’ve had spider bites, this is not the same thing. These are burns, like someone dropped acid or hot coals on us.”
“I’ll go check out the living room.” Sascha exited the bed, pulling a shirt over her head.
“I’m going too.” Maria got up and together they crept toward their bedroom door.
Sascha grabbed the doorknob and reluctantly began turning it before a force twisted the knob and blew the door back open, knocking the two of them backwards. Screaming, they clutched each other briefly, gathering their composure.
“What are we supposed to do now?” Maria almost cried.
Maria’s fear kindled Sascha’s protective instincts. “I’m going to go see what’s out there. This is crap!”
Sascha grabbed a softball bat and almost ran into the other room. “Whoever you are, you better be ready for me!”
The stench of body odor and rotten eggs filled the living area, gagging Sascha momentarily. Yet, the room was undeniably quiet and empty. She searched the kitchen, bathroom, closets, and every conceivable hiding place. “Maria, no one is here.” She called out, relief apparent in her voice.
Maria slowly made her way into the front living area. “This apartment belongs on that ghost hunter show on TV. I think it’s haunted, or we’re crazy.”
“I’ll make some coffee and we will think this through. Everything has a plausible explanation, I know we will find it.” Sascha attempted to comfort her dubious girlfriend.
They never discovered a plausible explanation."

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friday Flash Fiction Returns!

We are still Halloween Hopping!!! 

Halloween Hop Over 200 Chances to WIN!!

Now on to Flash Fiction. Leave a comment with your name and email address for your chance to win! But, you must answer a trivia question about me....the questions are just down this page. Please keep reading. :)

One hundred words-no more, no less. Our little group has one photo prompt each Friday to delight readers with. Our challenge this week?  Hmmmm.....

What do we have going on in this little party? I take my one hundred from my current work in progress, Finding Love From Roadkill. These two left a party a little too late and ran into trouble on the way home. Read on for my interpretation. Then, visit our main blog for other sometimes very spicy interpretations! Friday Flash Fiction

She grimaced and peered through the glass of her window. “I can’t see a thing, it’s so dark out there. This creeps me out, I knew we should have left that party earlier. We wouldn’t be stuck out here if I hadn’t been so busy gossiping with my friends. Why didn’t you make me leave when you wanted to?”

“Yea, like that would have worked.” He grumbled and rummaged around the glove box for a flashlight. “I really need to get out and check on the deer. I’d hate for it to be lying there suffering-mangled, bleeding, hurting, dying.”


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ugh, Is That Blood I Smell? - a Creepy Tuesday Tale

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday and time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I take you again to my new paranormal WIP, Finding Love From Roadkill,- a part of my Critter Getter series. For our journey to the unknown, I present the picture rompt "haunted house".  Keep reading and enter the Halloween Wicked After Dark Blog Hop contest!! 

Our young couple in love find themselves in front of a spooky house....just after they hit something on the road...let's see what happened-

"Before she could ask any more irritating questions, he jumped out and slammed the driver’s side door shut. The autumn air felt crisp against his cheeks, and he wrapped one arm around his midsection, fighting the chill as he walked. “Dadgum women, talk, talk, talk, I’d rather be out here in the pitch black in the middle of nowhere than listen to her sometimes.” The realization suddenly hit that he was indeed in the boondocks, and he felt uneasy walking back toward the site of the impact.

The small, yet powerful, flashlight illuminated the ground in front of him several feet ahead. Assorted bits of fur, aluminum cans, and unidentifiable substances littered the road. But, it was the blind spots on either side of the beam he felt uncomfortable with. Anything could be lurking and he would only know it if it happened in front of his lighted path. The hair on this back of his neck prickled and his sense of hearing heightened, listening for whatever could be out there with him. He spoke to himself through gritted teeth. “Just keep walking, get this over with.” 

The heavy iron scent hit his nostrils, indicating a large amount of blood, just before he saw it. A large brown deer sprawled unmoving on the country asphalt, its’ front legs at grotesque angles. The back half lie across the sparse grass leading up to the road. Thickening blood pooled around its’ head and neck, seeping into the cracks and crevices of the chip seal.

He moved closer to the animal, inspecting the midsection for signs of breathing-there were none. He bent down and touched a section of its’ soft neck. His fingers moved tenderly across an undamaged area of coarse brown hair. The deer remained still, yet, warm, as if it could still jump up and dash away. “I’ve taken many of you boogers during deer season for my freezer, but, this feels different somehow.” He spoke sadly, almost apologetically, to the lifeless creature."
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Wicked After Dark Blog Hop - Hot Prizes!

Yes, It's another winning weekend here in The Locker and you have over 200, yes, I said 200, chances to win! (eyes widen in surprise and delight) This is no TRICK it's all about your TREAT this 2012 Halloween.

And, you ask, "What am I playing for Davee?"
I answer, "A fabulous $10 gift certificate to Secret Cravings Publishing and a sweet surprise!"

For your chance to win, correctly answer ONE of the following questions in the comments field of this post. Please include your name and email address for contact information. Please also indicate if you do not want on a future mailing list for information about other contests or my new releases.

1.)  What is my hero's name in my first release On Ellicott Street?
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Now, please indulge me with this delightfully wicked EXPLICIT excerpt from my upcoming release, Lovedust and Trailblazers, available November 2012:

"Minnie put the truck in gear and he backed away from her truck as she moved forward through the pasture away from him. As the taillights dimmed in the expansive pasture, a physical need overwhelmed Josiah as he had never felt before. He walked toward the fence and as he began to cross back over, he realized his throbbing erection prevented him from moving with the same ease he managed earlier. “Oh good Lord, what has this woman done to me?”
Josiah awkwardly made his way toward his tractor. The tightness of his jeans, coupled with the dried mud and splash of wet wine intensified his discomfort. Using one hand to steady himself on the tall tractor tire, he used his other to unbutton and unzip the constrictive denim. His full erection bounced slightly out of the opening in his boxers by his freeing action. The sultry night air hit the sensitive skin of his penis and created more tingles, making him even harder.
“Those lips, the way she tastes, I could eat her up.” Josiah began stroking his erection as he reminisced of his time in Minnie’s mouth. “Her hand stroking my chest, laying her head so close to me…” He kept talking to himself softly as his hand caressed himself more rapidly with each movement. In his desperate need for release, Josiah refused to draw the moment out and burst forth explosively against the black rubber of the tractor tire.
The sweat dripping off Josiah’s brow indicated the strength of his physical response, and it took him several moments to bring his breathing back down to a normal rate. He concentrated on the steadily burning flames to regulate his own spiking internal responses to the evening. “I’ve never been this affected by a woman.” As he evaluated the evening with Minnie, he realized after Korea, his heightened senses reacted much more quickly to powerful situations."

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are Bigfoot Trackers "Cool"? - Tuesday Tales

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday and time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I take you again to my new paranormal WIP, Finding Love and Bigfoot- a part of my Critter Getter series.  For our journey to the unknown, I present the word prompt "cool".

“Maybe tomorrow you can talk to me more about this research of yours. I admit, you have me intrigued, Caleb Chandler.” Kalista inhaled deeply and looked toward the gear shift. “I guess we better head home, in case the storm moves in again.”

“Will you please let me know you made it? Maybe…call me or something?” Caleb asked sheepishly.

“Definitely.” Kalista revved the ignition with her foot, projecting the image of coolness. Her insides danced with butterflies sitting in the seat he normally occupied.

“Thank you for another great day on the river, even though we didn’t get a second catfish fry.” Leandra bubbled with a beaming smile. “This is more fun than we’ve had in a long time, no matter how strange it all is.”

Owen attempted to reassure Kalista. “Caleb is a champ and a whiz. Among his jack of all trades, he is also accomplished with car tools. We do appreciate your generosity. I gotta echo Caleb and tell you how huge this is for us.” He pointed toward her car parked under the shed. “Some people spend their whole lives searching for physical evidence and never quite get it. I think we got our ace in the hole for proof this time.”

“I’m happy I could oblige. Look, I need to get going before I change my mind. I’ll let you know when we get home.” Kalista looked toward her car. “Take care of her for me, will you?”

“I will. Drive safely girls.” Caleb softened his reply to something just below melodic sandpaper across soft wood.

Kalista put the truck in gear and hit the gas with a wave of her hand out her open window. “I could listen to his voice all day.” She said aloud, not completely remembering Leandra sat beside her in the truck cab.

 Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on "cool"!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a Knife?...Searching for Bigfoot Tuesday Tales

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Happy Tuesday and time for another edition of Tuesday Tales. This week I take you a new paranormal WIP, Finding Love and Bigfoot- a part of my Critter Getter series.  For our journey to the unknown, I present the word prompt "knife".

“There is no way you just said…bigfoot.” Kalista said solemnly, almost under her breath, still inspecting the muddied, bloody smudges all over her car window. “You wouldn’t get a crazier response from me if you had come at me with a knife.”
 “Yes, I did, Kalista, and I’m not joking.” Caleb said just as earnestly, admiring the evidence all over the glass. “By the way, I’m not the violent type. The only knife I use is a fillet knife on the catfish.”
“I know tracking bigfoot is a big part of your business, and I’m sure tourists pay good money for a spooky thrill, but, seriously, you can be truthful with me. Your secret is safe.”
Owen interjected into the conversation, his eyes dancing eagerly . “We’ve been tracking bigfoot for years. We know he exists, just like so many other people around the country believe. Oklahoma isn’t the only place for sightings.  As a matter of fact, the only state not having a spotting is Hawaii.” He paused, looking directly in her direction, opening his mouth as if gathering something convincing to say.
“It would take a lot more than smudges and campfire stories to make me a believer.” Kalista shook her head, waving her hand, shooing away any possibility.
 Owen’s face suddenly flushed a strange shade of red, a measure of defeat monopolizing his expression. Beads of sweat brought on by a combination of the sticky humidity and his excitement formed on his upper lip. Instead of addressing Kalista again, he fidgeted his feet and averted his gaze back toward the car.  “I’ll go get the camera.” Owen took off back toward the cabin.
“Wow, I think you hurt his feelings, Kal. He stopped straight up trying to explain himself to you.” Leandra cocked her head to one side, deep in retrospection. Ticking off items on her fingers, she thoughtfully addressed Caleb.  “So, we have a chewed up fish, something trailing us back to the cabin, and now nasty prints all over the car.” She gestured toward the smears. “You’re positive there isn’t a more, ahem, conventional explanation?”
Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on "knife"!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Contest Give-Away Weekend! Try Your Luck!

(I do not own a red and white striped cap, or else maybe I'd post a picture rockin' one.)

Where’s Waldo? No, not really, Fellow Fathomers, but, Where in the World is Davee Jones? That’s the big question! This weekend The Locker hosts another great giveaway contest sponsored by my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing. The lucky winner from my blog will receive a PDF copy of Ruby’s Dance.
How many of you really think about where you’re from? So many times I host visitors and they want to see and do some of the many activities available within my location. (Although I proclaim myself a tried and true Okie, I no longer live in my home state of Oklahoma.) However, I’m almost embarrassed to admit I, myself, have not explored as much of my adopted home turf as some visitors or tourists! I encourage, or maybe even challenge, you to choose something within a days’ drive of your hometown and experience something brand new!
Now, on to try to guess- Where is Davee?
Ø  “My” airport is larger than New York City’s Manhattan Island
Ø  The deadliest natural disaster in American history occurred in my state
Ø  Kristin shot J.R. in my adopted town
Where Am I???? (post your guess in the comments section, including your email address for a chance to win! Also, please confirm if you will allow me to add your email to my email list. Then, click on the link to the Secret Cravings blog secretcravingspublishing.blogspot.com for your chance to win from other participating authors.)

Remember to look for my upcoming release- Lovedust and Trailblazers this November!