Friday Flash Fiction Returns!

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One hundred words-no more, no less. Our little group has one photo prompt each Friday to delight readers with. Our challenge this week?  Hmmmm.....

What do we have going on in this little party? I take my one hundred from my current work in progress, Finding Love From Roadkill. These two left a party a little too late and ran into trouble on the way home. Read on for my interpretation. Then, visit our main blog for other sometimes very spicy interpretations! Friday Flash Fiction

She grimaced and peered through the glass of her window. “I can’t see a thing, it’s so dark out there. This creeps me out, I knew we should have left that party earlier. We wouldn’t be stuck out here if I hadn’t been so busy gossiping with my friends. Why didn’t you make me leave when you wanted to?”

“Yea, like that would have worked.” He grumbled and rummaged around the glove box for a flashlight. “I really need to get out and check on the deer. I’d hate for it to be lying there suffering-mangled, bleeding, hurting, dying.”



gemma parkes said…
Stay in the car! tense flash!
S. J. Maylee said…
Leaving the party is so hard. I tease my hubs b/c he takes forever to leave a place, I call it his goodbye tour.
You captured her state of mind, well done, and left us with a horrific visual. Thanks, lol. Fab Flash.
Naomi said…
Loved it, so different and so visual. Its difficult to leave a party, I hope they get out alright
Julez S Morbius said…
Are they sure it was deer they hit or could it be something else ? great tease
Wow! Talk about intense. Made the hair on my arms stand up. I too wonder what they hit. Specially on a dark eerie night. If it were me, I'd stay in the car. lol Awesome tense flash. I wonder now what they will find or possibly find them. ;-)
orelukjp0 said…
I think of The Walking Dead and it's not a deer he hit. Be careful out there.
Thank you for taking part in the hop.
orelukjp0 at gmail dot com
Beckey said…
1.) What is my hero's name in my first release On Ellicott Street?
2.) What special midnight snack did our two lovebirds order in On Ellicott Street?
Guessing Strawberry's cause of the cover art which eye catching
(haven't read but its on my TBR list, cause my hopping and discovery of it)
3.) How many books do I currently have published?
3 release with 2 in the works to be published shortly

4.) Who is my publisher?

Secret Craving


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