Wicked After Dark Blog Hop - Hot Prizes!

Yes, It's another winning weekend here in The Locker and you have over 200, yes, I said 200, chances to win! (eyes widen in surprise and delight) This is no TRICK it's all about your TREAT this 2012 Halloween.

And, you ask, "What am I playing for Davee?"
I answer, "A fabulous $10 gift certificate to Secret Cravings Publishing and a sweet surprise!"

For your chance to win, correctly answer ONE of the following questions in the comments field of this post. Please include your name and email address for contact information. Please also indicate if you do not want on a future mailing list for information about other contests or my new releases.

1.)  What is my hero's name in my first release On Ellicott Street?
2.)  What special midnight snack did our two lovebirds order in On Ellicott Street?
3.)   How many books do I currently have published?
4.)  Who is my publisher?

Now, please indulge me with this delightfully wicked EXPLICIT excerpt from my upcoming release, Lovedust and Trailblazers, available November 2012:

"Minnie put the truck in gear and he backed away from her truck as she moved forward through the pasture away from him. As the taillights dimmed in the expansive pasture, a physical need overwhelmed Josiah as he had never felt before. He walked toward the fence and as he began to cross back over, he realized his throbbing erection prevented him from moving with the same ease he managed earlier. “Oh good Lord, what has this woman done to me?”
Josiah awkwardly made his way toward his tractor. The tightness of his jeans, coupled with the dried mud and splash of wet wine intensified his discomfort. Using one hand to steady himself on the tall tractor tire, he used his other to unbutton and unzip the constrictive denim. His full erection bounced slightly out of the opening in his boxers by his freeing action. The sultry night air hit the sensitive skin of his penis and created more tingles, making him even harder.
“Those lips, the way she tastes, I could eat her up.” Josiah began stroking his erection as he reminisced of his time in Minnie’s mouth. “Her hand stroking my chest, laying her head so close to me…” He kept talking to himself softly as his hand caressed himself more rapidly with each movement. In his desperate need for release, Josiah refused to draw the moment out and burst forth explosively against the black rubber of the tractor tire.
The sweat dripping off Josiah’s brow indicated the strength of his physical response, and it took him several moments to bring his breathing back down to a normal rate. He concentrated on the steadily burning flames to regulate his own spiking internal responses to the evening. “I’ve never been this affected by a woman.” As he evaluated the evening with Minnie, he realized after Korea, his heightened senses reacted much more quickly to powerful situations."

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Hello Davee,

Thanks for getting wicked with us this Halloween. :)
Jean MP said…
1) Ellicott/Eli

skpetal at hotmail dot com
tragedy6996 said…
Your publisher is Sweet Cravings Publishing

Desirée Lee said…
Secret Cravings Publishing is fortunate enough to count you among their author family.

No on the newsletter please. They get buried in my inbox!

Carpe Noctem,

Author Desirée Lee
Putting the Romance back in Necromancy
Foretta said…
Secret Cravings Publishing

Thanks so much for the contest!
Merry said…
1. Eli.
dancingcelt [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks for the chance to win!
wanda f said…
Eli.. Have a great week
Beckey said…
1.) What is my hero's name in my first release On Ellicott Street?
2.) What special midnight snack did our two lovebirds order in On Ellicott Street?
Guessing Strawberry's cause of the cover art which eye catching
(haven't read but its on my TBR list, cause my hopping and discovery of it)
3.) How many books do I currently have published?
3 release with 2 in the works to be published shortly

4.) Who is my publisher?

Secret Craving
Beckey said…
Shucks forgot my email
Christine said…
Ellicot (Eli) is your hero's name in your first release On Ellicott Street?
Thanks for being part of this awesome blog hop and for your giveaway.
cms72023 at gmail dot com
Kathryn Merkel said…
Your publisher is Secret Cravings Publishing.

Thanks for the awesome prize.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com
Sherry said…
Secret Cravings Publishing
Thanks for the giveaway.
sstrode at scrtc dot com

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