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Ahoy Fellow Fathomers!!  This weeks' contribution to Tuesday Tales is also from my 90% completed WIP, Blue Ink - The Skin Stalker. The genre is suspense with a romance undertone. Heat level is one flame. Our topic for this week is simply the word, "ocean". I used it in a different context than the usual....take a look:
"Joelle padded to the bathroom and found the ibuprofen and Sudafed.  All she needed now was the caffeine chaser she swore by to wash down her headache relief.  Joelle headed back toward the kitchen and turned the small TV on she kept under the cabinet.  “In national news, the city of Denver...” Joelle almost dropped the glass from her hand.  She was sick of Colorado.  “I don’t care about Denver!  Take the whole state and fall off into a sinkhole for all I care!”  She spoke through clenched teeth at the TV screen as though it might converse with her. 

She snapped off the TV in frustration and decided she would try a jog outside.  The morning was still peaceful, as the soccer families had not yet taken crazily to the streets.  She went to her bedroom and changed into some athletic pants. She strapped the heart monitor band around her chest before she slipped into her sports bra. After she added a T-shirt, she pulled on her Brooks running shoes and grabbed her Mp3 player. 
The morning air was crisp, almost cool to her bare arms.  Joelle thought for a moment about returning inside to grab a sweatshirt, but knew it would not be long before she would be sweating.  She put her ear buds in and clicked on the music.  The opening beats of “Never Hear Surf Music Again” kick started her groove.  She lost herself in the melody and the rhythm of her breathing. She began to feel a peace settle over her, and allowed the ocean waves of rejuvenation to engulf her.  “Ahh, this is just what I needed.” She murmured softly into the morning air. 

Joelle looked down occasionally to the Ironman watch strapped to her wrist. The watch synchronized with the heart monitor. She kept a close eye on her heart rate, hoping for maximum threshold for the majority of her run.  The glisten across her forehead indicated success in the form of sweat.
Joelle ran about two miles before she decided to turn back for home.  Her pumped legs prepared to finish her run vigorously.  She ran by the church in her neighborhood.  Joelle had attended services there a few times.  In fact, she was a regular attendee there right up until she met Colin.  Once they began the strenuous work schedule, she began to think less and less of her spirituality.  Her thoughts became focused on deadlines, profits, and especially, Colin."
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Lindsay said…
Yes, an interesting use of the prompt.
Sherry Gloag said…
Like the way you worked the prompt word into your WIP this week.
Jean said…
Hmm, want to know more about Colin and what exactly they are doing together. Nice piece, Davee.
Loved this post. Thanks for sharing your day!

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