Am I Blue? If So, I've Lost Oxygen-Tuesday Tales

Hello Fellow Fathomers!
Today's Tuesday Tale involves the word or theme, "blue". I chose to continue with my usual installments from my current thriller work in progress (WIP) Blue Ink- The Skin Stalker.

"As the girls devised their plans for the rest of the day, it took Joelle away from the macabre research she had been doing.  She decided not to say anything to Suzette until she actually made it to Joelle’s house.  Suzette would be over in an hour or so and they would relax, gossip, and order in food.  They never really needed big plans; they just enjoyed catching up these days.  No doubt, Suzette would offer many opinions as to what was on Joelle’s mind lately. 
Joelle took a shower and allowed the hot water to relax her tense and aching muscles.  She wanted to clear her mind so when she and Suzette discussed the recent events, she would be articulate and controlled.  Joelle could still not figure out why Colorado had been on her mind so heavily lately.  After her research on the recent killings, she was sure she had no information the police would need in their efforts to solve the cases.
As Joelle dried her body off with a thick fluffy towel, she gave her body a quick check in the mirror.  She liked to keep an eye on the new sunspots that crept up after each summer.  It was then she remembered her “tattoo”.  Joelle had a few stylish works of ink inconspicuously on her body.  Each tattoo symbolizing a specific mood, time, or special event. However, the most unnoticeable was behind her right ear.  It was a single blue dot.  The dot was approximately the size of the end of a ball-point pen.  She did not incur this mark willingly.

She remembered when it happened too.  During one of the late night working sessions with Colin, things became punchy with the combination of lack of sleep and work stress.  As they had become quite familiar with each other by that time, Colin would occasionally show an ornery streak, especially when he was bored or tired.  As she put her head down on the desk, he snuck up behind her and poked her behind the ear.  “OUCH! Oh, what did you do, that HURT!”
Colin giggled obnoxiously and half-heartedly apologized.  “I was just trying to wake you up, did that really hurt?”
“I’m awake now, and YES, that did hurt you caveman!”  Joelle continued rubbing the spot behind her ear and grimaced.
 Colin’s facial expression changed, and he appeared contrite as he genuinely apologized for hurting her.  “I’m very sorry, I was just trying to have a little fun, and I didn’t mean to hurt you.  Honestly. “ 
When Joelle pulled her fingers from rubbing the spot, there were small smears of blood on them.  “See, look at this!  You oaf, you made me bleed!”  It incensed Joelle that Colin could be so insensitive."
Now that you've read my interpretation of "blue", please visit for more creative concepts of "blue".


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