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Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! Welcome to Tuesday Tales, a new project I'm delighted to be a part of. Each of the authors included in this series will contribute a sneak teaser at a work in progress, an inspired paragraph, or other flash fiction contribution. Today's subject is based upon a photo of a city of our choice. I chose Denver, CO, the setting most largely detailed in my suspense novel, Blue Ink-The Skin Stalker. I step out of the romance genre with this project, a first of many I have in progress substantially set outside my usual lovestory angles. The only way we grow is stepping outside our comfort zones, wouldn't you agree?
Now, I reveal to you a snippet from Blue Ink:

Excerpt from WIP- 'Blue Ink- The Skin Stalker'

“...I don’t know anything and cannot offer help with this one.  Back off buddy, do yourself a favor.” Colin shifted into survivor mode and treated it like a business deal.  This frame of mind was Colin’s comfort zone and he operated tactically well from this standpoint.  As he transitioned into his element, his breathing slowed and he felt a sense of calmness engulf him.  He relished how mechanical he felt.  “Emotional thinking will be your undoing, let it go, man, let it go.”  Colin pushed Maggie out of his mind as if she never existed.  He moved on to his email account and lost himself in business matters, however, never really fully forgetting her formerly smiling face and vibrant body.
“You are shallow enough to continue with life as if nothing was amiss. You conceited pile of muscle.” Colin’s inward demeanor also told The Skin Stalker how much Colin would continue to worry about the potential for police involvement.  It amused him to imagine how Colin took the news when he saw beautiful Maggie’s face plastered across local media.  She was one of a few to die over the weekend, but, the bizarre circumstances earned her front page notoriety. 
The Skin Stalker knew the crime scene investigators were still attempting to determine definitive cause of death.  His poison concoction was virtually untraceable. Her water bottles were at the bottom of a steep incline off Oh My God road, which led out of Idaho Springs- almost two hours from the body dumpsite in the Denver metro. Suffocation from the plastic bag was the most the authorities would ascertain, he was confident of that. 
The Skin Stalker did not assault Maggie; he was above physical pleasures of the flesh.  His goal was her death, as quickly and neatly as possible.  Anything more and he might attract unnecessary suspicion.  The Skin Stalker felt invulnerable to humans and even their highly advanced technological investigative tools were no match for who he had in his corner. 
“You ridiculous finites! You will never stop us.” He sneered as he weaseled into the minds of the puzzled investigators."

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Carolyn Gibbs said…
An intriguing killer on the loose. Good story. Would like to see what happens next.
Davee said…
Hi Carolyn! Thank you for stopping by. This novel is about 95% finished.
Sherry Gloag said…
Well this has caught my attention that's for sure. Welcome to the TT group.
Lindsay said…
That last line definitely has me puzzled and I don't like puzzles in the books I read, just write
Iris B said…
Welcome to Tuesday Tales! :-)

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