Tuesday Tales and Stolen Kisses!

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the simple sounding word- stolen This will be an excerpt from Snow Spankings, a new WIP for a new erotic contemporary.

“Stolen kisses are the best.” Lazily, Tabitha stretched her arms above her head, cradling Alec’s head between her reach.

“You looked so beautiful, I couldn’t resist.”

“I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I guess I needed a nap.”

“I kept you up late last night, it’s my fault.”

“What happens when we return to reality? I mean we both have jobs and lives outside of each other. Everything happened so fast between us, how do we merge our days?” An important fact remained that neither of them figured a new love connection in their responsibilities. Everything was dreamy behind closed doors on a day off work or other demands. The daily grind chipped away at fun or impulsiveness, leaving few hours or even minutes to spare. “How do we keep this energy alive?”

“I’m not sure we have an exact formula or plan. People manage love all the time and make it work.”

“Making it work? That sounds like maintenance.” Wrinkling her nose, Tabitha closed her eyes, clearly not enjoying the way their talk turned.  

“We don’t have to solve everything right now, do we? I just met you, let me revel for a little while.”

“You revel, maybe I need to be the grounded one.”
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Jillian said…
nice. I love how they each are different on how to deal with their new love. Well done.
Great scene. Nice to see they both appreciate what's happening to them.

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