Tuesday Tales, Paint Me a Picture

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the simple sounding word- paint This will be an excerpt from Snow Spankings, a new WIP for a new erotic contemporary.

“You’d look incredible in body paint.”
Eve modeled the garter belt and thigh high hose combination for Noel’s approval. A few glasses of wine gave her the confidence to actually cut the tags off the lingerie she’d carefully purchased several days before.  “I’ve never thought about it.”
“In Key West, Florida, the city hosts this unbelievable festival each year. In my entire life, I’ve never seen so many women wearing nothing but body paint. Aside from the naked bodies, I must say, the artwork was fantastic.”
“I’m sure you were only thinking about artwork.” Men always had sex on the brain.
“Sometimes, the detail was so amazing I couldn’t help but think about the artist and the time taken for such a masterpiece.”
Growing bolder, Eve prowled over to Noel on the couch. “What would you paint on my canvas?” Turning around, she offered her ass cheeks for consideration.
“Something in blue, you look wonderful in blue.” Running his fingertips across her ass, he teased at offering a few smacks with his open palm. “Maybe a mermaid, you’re something straight out of a fantastic fairytale.”
“All these compliments might go to my head.” Yet inside, the warmth grew. Finally, a man who not only recognized, but, appreciated her feminine form. Noel gave her the attention she’d not received in far too long. “You really think I look beautiful in blue?”
“You’re beautiful in every way. Blue is only one of the many.” Leaning closer in, Noel kissed each side of her ass with a lingering graze of his lips. “You’re delicious too.”
With her blood racing through her veins, Eve refused to stop and think about the unlikelihood of their partnership. She almost hadn’t bought the sexy outfit for fear she wouldn’t see him again. Why should she waste her money on this man? He’d done nothing to prove she was more to him than a one-night stand.  Her rash behavior still embarrassed her. “What do I taste like?”
“Joy and the sweetest of sugars.”
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V.L. Locey said…
Great last line and another wonderful snippet!
Joselyn Vaughn said…
Great way to play off the prompt. I wonder what will happen when he paints her. ;-)
Jean Joachim said…
Great, sensual scene. And how does a woman know if she's going to see the guy again? I like how she's torn between logic and attraction.
Jillian said…
Very creative use of the prompt. Love it.
Anonymous said…
Great scene. I agree that it's a great way to use the prompt!

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