Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Tales, Good as Gold

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the ominous sounding word- Gold.  From Heart Nectar, a new WIP for a new series please see my interpretation.

Finding this modest side of Brent gave Nixie another reason to be impressed. He brought a personal subject into their discussion so casually and naturally. Obviously, pride didn’t hinder the disclosure. In the past when a man bragged about his pocket, he was careless with the contents. Nixie admired his practical statements. When Mindie began speaking, she took the opportunity checking around the room for atmosphere. Quickly catching her I were lit candles around the room. Not yet quite dark outside, natural light filtered in completing the golden tones flickering across the space. At a table set for three, a nice tablecloth with complimentary placemats served as a backdrop for their best dishes and cutlery. Mindie had even snuck in a wine carafe, holding a beautiful hued blend. Three sparkling wine glasses waited to be filled. Aside from the third-place setting, this appeared to be a date layout.
“Earth to you, are you listening?” Mindie smug expression wasn’t lost on nixie. Staring at her intently, Mindie must’ve known she’d interrupted a careful evaluation.
“I’m so sorry, my mind drifted away. Could you repeat the question?” Filled equally with appreciation and irritation with Mindie’s attention to details, nixie wasn’t sure what her best friend had in mind for the night. “I promise to give you my full attention from this moment on.”
“I’m gonna hold you to that promise.” Giving her a slow wink, Brent’s expression contained no lascivious intent.
Careful not to drift off again into the weight of her own imagination, nixie quickly evaluated his most recent sentence. If this guy wasn’t sending her definite signals, she clearly needed to get out of the dating game. Hopefully, his maturity backed up his words much better than the recent guy she wasted time with. “I never break my word.”
“I’ll go get the appetizers. Brent, would you pour us all some wine? Nixie, I forgot to turn some music on, would you mind hitting up the stereo?” More of an expectation than actual inquiries, Mindie disappeared into the back cooking area.
Now why did she do this to me? Music selection could be the most trickiest of tasks. Serious dinner conversation shouldn’t be overwhelmed by music selection. However, choosing something to droll could put a person to sleep. Anything too romantic, such as love songs, sent out a desperate signal. But she had to keep the current flow of their rapport, making this a tricky task. Flipping through their albums in her mind, nixie walked to the wooden cabinet holding their old-school record player. She lifted the lid, revealing a turntable inside the antique wood finish. A stack of albums already perched atop the slender spool. Flipping the power on, the current vinyl under the needle warbled to life.
“Sweet! You guys have actual records. It’s been forever since I’ve seen one of these.” Walking over to meter, Brent brought her a glass of wine.
“Yes we found this at a flea market one weekend. We both love the scratchy sound of an actual needle on a record. I don’t know, maybe it makes the music richer somehow.” Intent on soulful jazz sounds, nixie closed her eyes absorbing the smoothness, calming her heartbeat. With him standing so close, the pace raft again, almost leaving her breathless. Did he realize how intensely he affected her system? She had to be sending off obscenely loud hints as to what his presence did to her wildly out of control psyche.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Tales and I'm Starving!

Welcome to our visual Tuesday Tales, this post made me hungry every time I saw the picture prompt. It was easy to develop 300 words about this culinary masterpiece, enjoy....now, I'm gonna go find some food.

“I’m starving, whatever you have going smells absolutely bomb.” Nixie paced next to the table, having already placed their plates and silverware. “How much longer is it gonna be? Dammit, I need sustenance.”

“You’re gonna have a stroke someday if you don’t control your impatience.”

“I just might murder someone.” Lowering her voice, her words still lacked the necessary sinister tone to make them believable.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been more open with you lately.” Mindie’s apology floated from the kitchen within a cloud of sincerity meant to soothe Nixie’s savage disposition.

“What’s that, I couldn’t hear you?”

Mindie entered the dining room, hot dish in hand. “You heard me, I know you did. You’ve got the ears of a bionic woman.” Presenting their supper with flare, Mindie arranged the deep plate before stepping back. “This will fill us up but good.”

Sniffing the air just above the food, Nixie wrinkled her nose. “You can't bribe me with comfort food.”

“I know I can, I’ve done it a hundred times.”

“More like a thousand times.”

“Hey, I haven’t pissed you off that much, you don’t hide anger very well. Besides, you aren’t really angry with me today, just wanting some details. I needed food strength to help me do it. I don’t quite understand myself these days.”

Sitting down, Nixie grabbed a serving spoon, digging deep into the meat and vegetables, overflowing with flavor from the delectable gravy encompassing them. “I haven’t had an old fashioned meat pie since your momma made one last winter. Reminds me of home and love.”

“I love you Nixie, so much. You’re more than my best friend, you’re family. I need you and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate our friendship. I know I’ve been MIA lately, and it’s not right.”
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