Tuesday Tales, I'll Take a Cup of That

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the simple sounding word- cup.  From Heart Nectar, a new WIP for a new series please see my interpretation.

“Hey, beautiful, what time should I pick you up tonight?”
Overthinking the question, every syllable took on some kind of hidden meaning. Key words pinged off a word meter in her brain. Hey, generally meant casual, but, why should he be casual, he’d seen her areola up close and personal. Did he really mean beautiful, as in the most glorious sight he’d ever seen. Don’t even get started on the should I pick you up tonight, was this some kind of menial hook-up, some weird means to an end?
“I don’t know, whatever time works for you.”
“I didn’t know how long it takes for you to get ready between work and home. You might want more time than I’m willing to wait.”
“I’d take my wine in a coffee cup, I’m not some kind of snob. It doesn’t take me hours to get ready for some simple night out.” Why the hell did she get so defensive with him? He’s gonna run for the hills for sure.
“Hey, hey, I’m just trying to plan our evening. Is something wrong?”
Yeah, everything’s wrong. I’ve got a seemingly wonderful guy giving me more than the time of day and I’m pushing him away like leftover fast food. I know he deserves better, why am I not giving it to him? “Look, I’m sorry, I’m being a brat. I’ve got some work stuff on my mind giving me fits, I’m afraid I’m on a one track mode this morning.” The contract still sat on her desk, she’d studied it several times even after Nixie did, trying to find the elusive loophole.
“I’ll make everything better in about ten hours, promise.”
Warmth squashed doubt as her loins warmed to a pleasantly comforting place of readiness. Remembering his lips upon her collar bone removed the temporary pissy mood. “I’m counting on it.”

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Wow, I love the way her self doubt is expressed. Wonderful inner and external dialogue. They have powerful unspoken communication.
morgan said…
I can see her warming up. It's going to be a memorable date.
Anonymous said…
Great snippet! I especially like this phrase: pushing him away like leftover fast food. Nice job!
Jean Joachim said…
Great realistic dialogue and view into her thoughts, plus a nice coating of steam on top. Great story. Looking forward to his arrival.
This sounds better with each snippet. Can't wait to see the whole series finished.
Joselyn Vaughn said…
Love how she talks herself through her feelings.
V.L. Locey said…
Wonderful snippet with some very realistic dialog!
Sarah Cass said…
Funny how a little sexy suggestion can soften a bitter mood for about anyone, isn't it? lol

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