Tuesday Tales - Do You Have a Hardy Heart?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week our group writes to the teasing word, hardy. From Steal My Heart, a new WIP for a new series.

Her cell phone ringing interrupted Carolyn’s respite. Only Nixie knew where she was, and wouldn’t call- probably not even if an emergency had her panicked. Looking at the number, she immediately saw George’s name, and she blanched. Not even declining the call, she let it ring till it stopped, debating on turning the damn thing off. What happened to the days of landlines and the ability to disappear without interruption?

He called again three more times before stopping. Her heart dropped each time he reached out. What would she say exactly?  I’m sorry, I made out with your brother before he felt me up. I couldn’t tell the difference, so…sorry.

How ridiculous was the way she berated herself. She’d never been so self-deprecating and it pissed her off. A text message then appeared before she threw her phone behind the bed.

Hey, please talk to me.

Dammit, why did he have to be so charming? She didn’t have to answer, and could ignore him as long as she wanted. Only a few moments went by before another message appeared.

I want to help you.

No, she still wouldn’t reply, although her fingers itched to respond. Physical reaction drowned her resolve, making it tough to swim in the waters of tenacity. She could reach out for the life preserver he offered, all it took was a few letters.

Blink once for yes and twice for no.

Damn, he was persistent, adding humor to the tension was a classic ice-breaker. Maybe he would understand, all she had to do was answer. George didn’t even know what happened, unless Charles the snake went bragging. The thought flowed through her veins like ice water, there’s no telling what Charles would say to twist the dagger. She didn’t know how far their rivalry went back, but, based upon her experience with them, it had to have begun in utero. Carolyn should give her side of the story first, getting a head start on the drama.

Or, maybe she call the whole thing off and George packing, along with Charles. They could beg the full amount from the bank, sidestepping the complications of adding this particular partner.

I don’t know what happened, but, I’ll kill him if he hurt you.

Shit just got real with that last text. With George so angry all day, every day about his brother, could she risk the reality George would actually commit bodily harm to Charles? Maybe it was time to at least reply. The scumbag wasn’t worth jail time.

I’m okay, just needed some time. Please let things go for now.

Adding the for now at the end gave him permission from her to wait, possibly calming the current situation down. Hopefully, he understood the unspoken promise she’d talk with him later.

Waiting impatiently, she hoped he’d accept her proposal. Another text should come through at any time. He was so intent on opening this unexplained hardy dialogue.

Or not.




Why didn’t he reply? Alarmed, she checked the power on her phone, yes, it was charged. Yes, she had service connections. Captive to worry, she had to reach out again, it mattered if he was there or not, regardless if she didn’t want the sentiment.

Are you there?

The reply came quickly, no hesitation across the air waves- Always.

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Well done. It was easy to identify with her confusion and distress.
Joselyn Vaughn said…
You can easily feel her turmoil. Love the intriguing hints about the rest of the story.
Jillian said…
wow. that was great. Awesome showing of her emotions and that last text was perfect.
This is a fabulous excerpt. I love the way you did it.

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