Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Did Passion Disappear Into a Minivan?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers!
Today in The Locker I discuss finding passion again. Where do you think it goes?

So What’s All The Fuss?
Over the past few weeks, I’ve researched the camps between Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared To You. Okay, come back, I’m not rehashing either book or reviewing either one. (Although I’ve not read FSOG, I did read Bared To You and have a review just down on this page, if you are so interested.) This blog focuses on how this newest trend in fiction- erotic romance- is impacting my part of the world.
Having a double degree in Psychology and Sociology, followed by a Master’s degree in counseling, it stands to reason why I continue to study the world and the people in it long after I walked across the stage to receive my diplomas. When I write my books, I take very real issues in society-the good, bad, or indifferent-and use those issues as integral parts of my storylines. I research the topic and attempt to write my fiction as closely as possible to what is realistic. Although, my stories do have the necessary happily ever after (HEA) to give readers the obligatory boost they desire from reading, when reality does not always end so neatly and favorably.
Fiction does try to give an escape—if even for a short respite from actuality.
When my first erotic romance released in February, it shocked me pleasantly that I had closet fans I would have never dreamed. These individuals are men and women, teachers, church-goers, little league parents, small town folks, city folks, management analysts, etc, you get my point. Not one of my readers would be what society terms a “pervert” or “social deviant” for lack of better descriptors. Of course, it’s impossible to know each one of my readers, but, the ones who approached me truly made me smile. Because it revealed to me that sexuality is a healthy activity that is regaining popularity.
In this world of deadlines, scout meetings, soccer, softball, baseball, football, church attendance, and our jobs-and some of us have more than one paying job-intimacy very often takes a backseat. Slowly crumbling relationships into skeletons of what formerly were two madly-in-love, starry eyed people who couldn’t get enough of one another.
What happened to passion?
It disappeared inside a minivan.
Also, I know as a mother, any number of things interfere with me embracing any semblance of sexy: Gaining weight, feeling tired, preoccupied mind, those new wrinkles, another birthday, blah blah blah….you see what I mean.
Recently, during a busy event, a friend approached me on the sly, on a short break from her second job. She explained to me she recently began reading an erotic romance and although she liked it, her husband loved it. I asked if she was reading it to him, she said no. It turns out the racy romance watered the seed of passion and he was simply reaping the afterglow of the text.  (I think you know what I mean to the tune of four or five afterglows in one weekend!)
Yes, many folks do not agree the sexuality should be so explicit and descriptive. I’ll admit to having difficulty typing some of my more intense scenes, it’s sometimes embarrassing, literally. Sometimes, though, writing the story “waters” my own dormant seed of passion and my husband receives “afterglows” too. He always appreciates that. ;) Maybe you need a touch of spicy text to get your motor revved up, so to speak. Subtle does not always capture a person the way some nitty gritty does.
Enough TMI.
According to, in 2011 divorce rates dropped. However, the economy seems to be the root cause, not necessarily the commitment to stay together. Moreover, the economic strain forcing marriages to stay together also seems to have spurned higher levels of infidelity. Why would someone seek sexual relations outside of a committed relationship? Disinterest and anger are two possible culprits.
What can couples do to create a successful, loving union? Remembering their intimacy and rekindling it seems to be a successful key. Regardless of your faith or belief system- at one time couples vowed in any number of ceremonial ways in front of witnesses to stay together-- and loved like rabbits behind closed doors. Then, the magic seemed to fade….and those two excited people became simple roommates.
Maybe erotic fiction can help give that extra boost we need, especially after a long day of deadlines, chasing kids, and paying the bills.
Would it really hurt to try?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Review - Bared To You by Sylvia Day

Review of “Bared To You” by Sylvia Day

I enjoyed this well-written book and found it difficult to put down. As a result I finished it fairly quickly. The chemistry between the main characters, Gideon and Eva, was smoking from the jump. Although the book began as a typical “boy wants girl” storyline, as we get to know more about the characters we see their relationship is anything but typical.
Throughout the story, as heartbreaking as it is to see characters attempt to destroy each other, it really describes reality and what to expect in the very real world of love and maintaining relationships. The baggage the characters bring into the story heavily impacts how much their desire to slay their demons walks a fine line with just wanting to run away and say “forget it.”
A supporting character, Cary, is delightful throughout the book, yet, as he begins his own journey toward love, he appears hell bent on sabotaging anything good in the romance department. It hurt my heart to see the struggle he faced and how much he declined as the book progressed.
I am not sure I liked how much Gideon remains even platonically involved with past and wanna-be-loves, it is almost as if he enjoys baiting Eva by maintaining regular contact and conversations with them. Although he proclaims both with his physical actions, as well as his words, he is “with” Eva, I’m not all convinced he needs to care so much about the women in his past just to try to appease them, or spare their feelings. Especially when he knows how much it upsets Eva, who is irrationally jealous and makes that fact very well known on several occasions.
I really enjoyed the fact that Ms. Day writes a story that many people can readily identify with because in the real world, fairytales do not exist and love takes work. However, it was easy to get swept up in wanting to live the life of a billionaire, like Gideon, and thinking how much easier that would make things. Which, let’s face it, most people are not only dealing with the toughness of intimacy, they are also dealing with financial issues that add to the real world stress on relationships. Our characters in Bared To You have the luxuries most of us only daydream about.
The sex scenes are plentiful and explicit, so, you get your money’s worth just in those alone. Although I was not fond of certain terms, words, or a means to describe passionate acts in Bared To You, those were strictly my personal preferences. For example, I do not normally like using the term “her sex…” to describe a woman’s most intimate orifice, but, that is solely my penchant. Although, in defense of writing erotic fiction, it becomes quite difficult to find creative ways to accurately describe in clear detail, without repeating oneself, any part of anatomy, act, or description of passionate interludes. Ms. Day does successfully spin a deliciously enticing image of characters entwined truly aching from desire.
I recommend this book to anyone interested in erotic fiction. It’s a great place to start if you are new to the genre, or have several notches in your bedpost. I look forward to the continuation as the ending left us with several important questions about each of the characters. A romantic cliffhanger for sure.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quirky Questions and EXPLICIT Excerpt

Ahoy! Today’s blog is a little about me followed by excerpts of my recently released book, Finless. Life is cranking up these days for me and I love every minute of it! I hope all of you wonderful readers are finding joy in every corner you can.

Now, without further ado, I introduce you to ME, and some quirky trivia.

I am: Davee Jones, and female, (sometimes the name fools folks).

Astrology sign: Taurus and I have the Centaurus constellation tat to prove it

Occupation: PT Writer with Secret Cravings Publishing/FT public servant

Where is your favorite place to shop? Victoria’s Secret

What’s your favorite trend? Planking….although somewhat “been there, done that”, our fam still planks across the US when we travel.

What attracts you to a person? Thoughtfulness-we are really becoming far too selfish as a society these days.

What is the worst fashion trend you loved? Leg warmers- Back in the 80’s during dance class I truly flew my Flashdance Flag.

If you could meet a celebrity, who would it be? Living or dead? Jim Henson, I still love the fur out of the Muppets

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy? I would buy my mother a sexy sports car so she could travel in style.

What is one thing you can’t live without? Prayer, hands down.

If you never had to work, what would you do? I would live in a multi-windowed cabin on top of a mountain in Colorado and write, write, write and play, play, play in the snow with my fam.

What do you do in your spare time? I manage my daughter’s softball team, spend time with my fam, writing, camping, gardening, swimming, reading, training for triathlons, writing some more, cooking, traveling, editing, and drink a glass of wine or good beer on occasion.

Who is your favorite musician? Pink followed closely by SiA

(Isn't this an awesome family shot?)

What was your most embarrassing moment? About my sophomore year of high school, I came running around a corner hall in our high school and as I barreled around the corner, a tampon flew out of my gym bag. Just as I was about to breathe a sigh of relief that the halls were deserted, a kind senior BOY brought it back to me. UGH! Yes, I’m 42 and it still haunts me.

What was the best concert you ever attended? The Red Hot Chili Peppers at Fiddlers’ Green amphitheater in Colorado. Snoop Dogg opened for them- yes, it was good and my oldest son’s first concert. I did not scar him….much.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I don’t take enough time to relax.

Where is your favorite place to hang out? Our family’s ranch, The Cattle Company, in southern Oklahoma. My momma and Gma live there.

What is your favorite movie? Secretary, talk about opening up the doors of something taboo...

If you could only wear one cosmetic product, what would it be? Mascara

Where do you plan to go on your next vacation? Our family will travel again to Idaho for the annual Spudman triathlon in Burley,ID- my husband and I will compete. While there, we will also visit Yellowstone, what an AMAZING place.

How do you stay in shape? Spin class, outdoor cycling, strength training, swimming and running- for triathlon training.

How would you describe your style? Frenetic and OCD.

What kind of pet do you have? I do not personally have pets- I have plants and children instead.

What celebrity would you like to get style tips from? Sandra Bullock

Where would you like a vacation home? A vacation home in the mountains of Colorado, at the top.

What is the last book you read? The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel

What’s your favorite room in your house? The covered back patio by the pool, I love having an outdoor space to hang out, especially when my husband finishes the waterfall next to it.

What’s your favorite souvenir? I love microbrew beer from local breweries anywhere we visit. Oh, and the olive oils and balsamic vinegars from a vineyard in Livermore, CA…to die for!

What’s your signature scent? I love the smell of evergreens, mimosa blooms, irises, and Gma’s cooking

Would you rather cook, dine out or get takeout? Cook! I love puttering in the kitchen.

What’s in your closet that you just can’t let go of? A blanket my Gma made so long ago, the seams are ripping out. She recently, albeit reluctantly, patched it as best she could for me.

Do you own more shoes or purses? Shoes, for sure, but, purses are a close second.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Now, you can get to know more about my books. I appreciate my readers and always hope I write to help you smile or feel a little better about your day, even if the storyline is sometimes gritty.

My second published book, Finless, released in early April by my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing (SCP). Finless is an erotic romance of 193 pages riddled with BDSM. It is a M/F storyline. Before you groan in angst at yet another "book on the bandwagon", akin to the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena, please entertain my promise this book is nothing common or trite. I attempt to present graphic imagery to take my readers not only to the scene in the book, but, hope they will develop their own personalization of it in their mind. I also write to appeal to both genders. My novel is a type of Black Swan meets Fifty Shades of Grey. I have a sequel in the works, Finless Too, to further explore the character's lives.

The story connects fish, BDSM play, spirituality, sexuality, and the extreme decisions in the lives of the books’ protagonists to meld one story of tremendous revelations. Finless includes descriptive scenes of rhythmic caning, bondage, almost violent expressive dreams, and other explicit content. The message of the book intends to reach out positively to anyone, regardless of their proclivities, who may feel inept, unworthy, untrusting, or lost in their existence.

Even BETTER, get the first chapter FREE and see if Finless intrigues you! Please visit:

You can also get the first chapter of my first release, On Ellicott Street, FREE and check out my novella to make you smile. Just think fried pickles, a piano bar, and Guinness-intrigued yet? Please visit:

Finless WARNING Explicit Excerpt:

Nathaniel prepared his office for any encounters he might have. It actually gave him a rush to dominate a woman sexually in his workplace. He could return to these moments during a future boring day and bring back the exhilaration of the encounter. He kept a locked drawer of paraphernalia which would put most ordinary sexual junkies to shame. Nathaniel took a soft suede flogger out of his sex drawer and began swiping it along Sarah’s back and buttocks. He meant the motions to tickle, yet Sarah knew better than to move no matter how much her muscles wanted to twitch in tactile frustration.

Nathaniel put the soft flogger aside and began stroking Sarah lightly with a wire brush. As he made his way down her shoulders to the curves of her taut ass, he became harder with the stroke. Red streaks began to form all along her shoulder blades and spine. Sarah could not help the involuntary shiver of her entire body. Nathaniel obliged her with a soft kiss to her cheek as he took in the smell of her freshly washed hair.

Nathaniel put the wire brush down and he grabbed a black leather-riding crop. He used the leather tongue of the crop to brush Sarah’s long hair away from the center of her back and slid the tongue along her shoulder blades. As he made his way down to the center of her back, he pulled the crop and smacked her soundly across the small of her back. Sarah barely winced and his touch intoxicated her to the point of dizziness.

Nathaniel methodically smacked his way down her buttocks, to her quivering thighs and back up to her tanned shoulder blades. Red welts immediately formed on the skin of the back of her body. Delicious bruises would surely follow by the next day.

Finally, when he could contain his passion no longer, he pulled her hands from behind her back and gruffly spun her around to face him. He grabbed her with each of his hands by the hair hanging at the sides of her face and forced her face to his for a deep kiss. He twirled her long hair around his fingers as he kept her in close and continued kissing her and drawing her lips in to bite their lusciousness.

Tipsy by what was happening, Sarah could not stop the freight train of passion flooding her every movement. “Fuck me” she coarsely whispered into Nathaniel’s face. She wanted to come, but her fervency told her to wait, although she would not wait patiently. He turned her around, pushed her down onto the floor and ripped away the $200 La Perla panties only seconds before thrusting his rock-hard cock into her pulsing pussy. “Don’t wear panties again. Oh…my...” All he could utter over and over for the next few seconds as he thrust his cock into the wonderland of her tight pussy. Normally he could control his climax, but this time he could not. He filled her full with his deep discharge as he uttered a sigh of heavy relief.

Reveling in the afterglow of his orgasm for few minutes, he snapped back to reality and knew where he was, and coldly moved away from Sarah. Lying on the floor beside him, Sarah’s chest heaved, gasping in deep breaths from the exchange they just had. Sarah rolled toward him, looked him squarely in the eye, and stated, “I won’t let you be denied.” Sarah thought of musical lyrics from her favorite band, Muse. It seemed so fitting for this moment.

He had her, physically and emotionally. He owned all of it in just this short time. She had given in to every physical impulse she had. Love had fucking nothing to do with it! She just gave into primal lust and felt animalistic in his presence. It would not take long before even Nathaniel may not satisfy all her desires.

Fuck, she repeated in her mind over and over in total disbelief at their combined power.

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