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UPDATE- thank you to all who commented on my Wounded Warriors blog hop post. The winners for the PDF of Lovedust and Trailblazers are Carolyn Gibbs, Ben Tanner, and Tamara Monteau. Today, I also donated $31 to the Wounded Warriors project for 31 comments.

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With “Minnie” unsure she can remain in Oklahoma and practice veterinary medicine, she looks to another viable alternative for meaningful employment- Heifer International. Started in 1944 to help more than 15 million hungry families all over the world support and feed themselves, this amazing organization grew by leaps and bounds for its ‘continued success - 68 years later! That’s staying power at its’ best. According to their statistics, “In 2011, a total of 1.9 million families were assisted within the four program areas in which Heifer operates.”
Ahoy Fellow Fathomers. I enjoy creating fictional worlds readers will identify with. Although I hope readers escape with my words, I also entwine helpful storylines that might help make a difference. I love to use my stories to help you learn something new or how to enrich your life- as well as enriching the lives around you.
Heifer International provides not only livestock for food, wool, and bees for pollination. They also provide tree seedlings, poultry, schools of fish, cooking stoves and much more. Through training, receiving families understand how to use their special gifts-and more importantly, how to pass them along to continue the amazing ‘pay it forward’ for other needy families.  This holiday season is the perfect time to consider helping this worthwhile organization.
I wrote this specific blog entry because, obviously, I do not go into great detail about this organization in my upcoming romance, Lovedust and Trailblazers, in an attempt at marketing or writing a long advertisement. J  Rather, I chronicle the romantic journey of “Josiah” and “Minnie”. Fictional Josiah is a tough, soft-spoken, military veteran rancher. Fictional Minnie is a spunky, intelligent, trailblazing female veterinarian. Josiah’s return from the Korean Conflict did not occur as smoothly as he had hoped, dealing with the trauma and horrors he experienced during his tour. Minnie attempts to fit in as one of the first female vets of the 1950’s.  Finding each other, they learn how to trust, forge ahead, and share intimacies. Yes, this book contains some explosive love scenes, but, these two deserve it. J
Without further ado, please graciously allow me to introduce this snippet from this close to my heart project, Lovedust and Trailblazers:
“Josiah’s stomach dropped at the thought of Minnie leaving him. Especially to potentially go overseas. Shoot, with the daily responsibilities he had on the farm, Little Rock might as well be Puerto Rico. He attempted to gauge her seriousness. “You would really leave, just like that? So quickly?” He hoped the panic he felt did not reveal itself in his voice.
Josiah strained his eyes, attempting to see beyond the focus of the headlights. He needed something to calm his rousingly anxious demeanor and rapidly beating heart.  He inhaled deeply and attempted to exhale slowly.  The purplish-pink strains against the deepening navy blue sky calmed him momentarily.
“I’m not thinking of picking up tomorrow or anything, but I must consider my future. I didn’t go to college to become a veterinarian to return to our farm and treat only my own livestock.” The tone in Minnie’s voice indicated tension and frustration, something that Josiah had not heard before from her.  “I also didn’t become a vet to get rich, I did it to help animals and enhance my own life. The ridiculous sexist attitude around these rural areas confuses and frustrates me. Good ole boys, my fanny!”
Josiah cautiously considered his response, not wanting to give himself away and how deeply he already felt connected to Minnie. “I know you want to make a difference, and it isn’t enough just to have your degree, you should use it, Minnie. I want you to have your name on a shingle outside a clinic. I just want to be close enough to use your services from time to time.” He quickly glanced at her, shooting her a clever smile to ease the heavy conversational tone.
Minnie’s face momentarily showed confusion and disdain, before she lit up once more in happiness, apparently recognizing what Josiah meant. “I’m not runnin’ away anytime soon, I’m just a woman who needs plan a, b, and c. I’m sure you understand that.”
Josiah turned the wheel quickly to dodge a rapidly moving armadillo that darted out of the tall weeds onto the road. The sharp motion caused Minnie to jolt closer toward the middle of the seat. “Looks like I’m not the only one with plans. If you wanted me next to you, all you had to do was ask.” She batted her eyelashes at him in exaggerated flirtation.”

My trailer for this book is now featured nationally!  Link- USA Today Feature

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