Flasher Fiction Friday - A Tainted Vampire?

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers, this Friday I return to my first recurring blog contribution, the Friday Flash Fiction. A group of writers will write exactly 100 words, no more no less, to a picture prompt. After you read my contribution, please read what the other writers have to say, the links follow. Happy Friday!

“I’m not sure how much of a role I actually had, but, wow, I’ve seen a transformation.” Sarah didn’t want to reveal the heartfelt discussions of the past few hours. “I’m trying to marinate everything I’ve been through. When I met you, and you chose me, I can’t tell you what it did for me.”

“We chose each other, love, everything between us is a mutual act.” Isaac stood up from the couch and walked toward Sarah.

Sarah began withering in his presence, drawing away like desiccated fruit. “You don’t know what I’ve done in my life, Isaac. I’m tainted.”

Please visit these other authors for their creative, and possibly edgy, interpretation of this gorgeous netherworld couple. 

Michelle Howard: www.michellehowardwrites.com
Raven McAllan: http//www.ravenmcallan.blogspot.com


Muffy Wilson said…
Ahhhhh, "Sarah", such a benign and virginal name, but she is tainted? Do tell me more............I loved the intrigue:) xo
Michelle Howard said…
another teaser that leaves me with questions. Love it
Naomi said…
How is she tainted? This story can go places hopefully with true love winning through
Definitely a cliff-hanger; definitely an awesome tease.
Julez S Morbius said…
You can't leave it there. How is she tainted?
Ok I want to know what has caused her to be tainted? Something tells me there is more to her story. I love cliff hangers and I def want to know more. Great flash!

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