Tuesday Tales and a Pet Cemetery

Ahoy Fellow Fathomers! This week's Tuesday Tales prompt is the monthly picture prompt. We write 300 words to the chosen prompt. Please see how I use this photo in my new WIP sweet Young Adult romance, Finding Love in a Black Lagoon.  Our heroine, Pearl, has secrets. Will she ever let Owen in on them?

“Just down that lane is a pet cemetery.” Pearl pointed in the direction of a heavily treed road.

“A pet cemetery? I’ve buried my fair share of pets, but, always on my property. Seemed more personal that way.” Owen reached down to pet his dog, Aggie.

“It’s a beautiful place, serene and sacred. It’s the only graveyard for pets that I’ve ever seen.”

“I think we have one back in Oklahoma. The guy that runs it is weird, so, I stayed away from him.”

“Weird is in the eye of the beholder, Owen.”

“Weird is a guy who spends too much time studying death.”

“Maybe he is trying to learn about it, solve the mystery of the great beyond.” Pearl knelt to pet Aggie behind the ears. “What if I told you I go to our pet cemetery to do my best thinking?” Mysteriously, a gust of wind blew across Pearl’s hair, breezing it out of her eyes.

“Yea, but, you ain’t weird, you’re thoughtful and stuff. Plus, you’re a girl- girls always think more than guys do.”

“Don’t you dare try to tell me you don’t think about things, Owen Guthrie, you have a pensive mind and way smarter than you pretend to be.”

The tang of crisp autumn air coupled with dried leaves gave an earthy sense to the trees, filled Owen’s keen nostrils and sparked a response. “I do my best thinking in a tree stand deer hunting or out in the river fishing.”

“What do you think about when you’re out there all by yourself? What’s your best thinking?”

“My best thinking includes anything that makes me forget the past.” Owen tugged on Aggie’s leash and they started walking down the road. “C’mon, show me this super cool pet cemetery.”

“I’ll do that for you, Owen.”

  "Now that you've read my contribution to TT, please visit my creative friends over at our main blog, Tuesday Tales for their take on our beautiful fall picture prompt. 


Lindsay said…
I can see where this might lead to something very interesting between the two.
Iris B said…
Loved the conversation between the two. Casual, but still saying so much. Great post.
PS - Never heard of a pet cemetery either :-)
Jean Joachim said…
This is so well written it seems completely real. Now I want to tag along with them to the pet cemetery and check it out. Well done!
Sarah said…
Oooh, a pet cemetery. How intriguing. I love this start, can't wait to see more of it!
SherryGLoag said…
An interesting take on this month's picture prompt. :-)
Anonymous said…
Great interaction between the two. Very realistic, like we're looking in on them.
I like the pet cemetery. I didn't expect that down this fall road.
Stefan Ellery said…
I wonder what they'll see at the cemetery

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